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Looking for vintage toys online? At Uncle Al’s vintage toy Shop, you’ll find the best vintage toys for sale, many vintage collectible toys
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Services at the best rates. We strive to be your number one source for all of your collecting and restoration needs.
Uncle’s Toy Box is never empty and there will always be some treasure that brings back that wonderful
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Along with a great selection of vintage and antique toys for sale, Uncle Al provides restoration services
for all of your precious collectibles. Experience the best Antique Toy Restoration and Reproduction Toy Parts.
Check out some of the projects Al has done in the past!

Neptune Tugboat

Modern Toys Japan ‘Neptune’ Tugboat Battery Operated

Neptune Tugboat - Vintage Toy - Uncle Al’s Toys
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Toy Replacement Parts

Vintage toy replacement parts. The best, most authentic, high quality parts available.

Replacement Parts - Uncle Al’s Toys
Vintage Toy Replacement Parts

Space Toys

Masudaya Japan Space Giant Flying Saucer Battery Operated 12

Space Toys - Uncle Al’s Toys
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