Vintage Toy Projects

Space Cruiser X-300

Here’s a little project I started a couple years ago and finally got the tools to finish; the SPACE CRUISER X-300 redux. I did have second thoughts about doing it . . . has this toy already been done to death? This was molded from an original Pyro toy. I’m not entirely sure how many variations exist. I know of Pyro, Tudor Rose and Kleeware but I knew there wasn’t one from Uncle Al . . .

Okay then. This is my second attempt from my old molds. The red/white rocket was a salvage mission in which I discovered I couldn’t squeeze two big molds into one pressure pot without things getting distorted. It still was very encouraging to see that even the botched first castings came out that good.

I cast the second ship in pure white and decided to treat it as a model kit, adding only detail painting and red celluloid for the fuselage windows. I did a restoration on the tin lithographed version of this toy several years ago. The red paint on the wing engine tips and tails is reminiscent of that early color scheme. A pitot tube was added to the canopy nose for a little more drama and length.

I’m calling this ‘Phase I’ of a grander project idea I hope to accomplish in the near future. For now, owners of the original Pyro, Tudor Rose and Kleeware Space Cruiser X-300 can find ALL the necessary replacement perfect fitting parts at Available are the nose cone, pilot and wheels.

Space Cruiser X-300
Space Cruiser X-300

RARE TV Space Patrol Car

This rare toy required fabricating and casting replica head light cones. I also molded and cast a new canopy.

Sensco Japan TV Space Patrol Car Replacement Dome
Sensco Japan TV Space Patrol Car Replacement Front Bumper Cones2
Sensco Japan TV Space Patrol Car Replacement Front Bumper Cones
Sensco Japan TV Space Patrol Car Replacement Dome3

1906 Marklin Columbia Battleship

This 1906 Marklin Columbia Battleship was one of the many toy boats in the private collection of Mr. Malcolm Forbes and is now on display at The Dallas Elite Toy Museum in Haltom City, Texas. Rodney Ross, museum curator, commissioned me to fabricate the pieces missing from the toy and to make a rolling dolly display cart for the ship. I cast and machined 7 cannon barrels, scratch built and cast an anchor and recreated the 4 1/2″ long, 12 piece tin rowboat. One of the greatest challenges was creating the aged patina on all of the new parts so that they too, would look 107 years old!


1958 Yonezawa Atom Jet Race Car Restoration #6

As of May 2012, this is now my 6th. complete customer restoration of the 1958 Yonezawa Atom Jet race car and features my reproduction fin. This car was previously restored/mishandled by two other restoration companies which will remain un-named but I was able to bring it back to it’s former glory. Rebuilt the friction drive and siren, all brightwork was chrome plated per the customer’s request and a ton of touch ups as it looked to have run through a barbwire fence . . . new side tab covers were made and color matched to an original piece and missing rivet detail around the tail lights was done by hand.

DSC 0004987 2
replacement 3

Uncle Al recreates the Yonezawa Atom Jet Fin

Here is one of my latest projects; the recreation of the 1958 Yonezawa 30″ Atom Jet car rear fin. I borrowed a friends toy and was able to make a duplicate of his fin OUT OF TIN, just like the original. I’ve fabricated my own press dies and am quite happy with the results. These pictures are of my very first attempt. I’ve made more since these shots were taken and it just gets better and better! The Atom Jet fin will be available as of September 30th, 2010 and will be available for viewing at the Chicago Toy and Doll Show in October, 2010. It is fully colored with original script and details for $750.00 plus shipping For an additional $500, customers can send me their Atom jets and I will custom color the primary green color to the overall hue of their toy, for a near perfect match. This price will also include a 100% cleaning, adjustment and detail. There are NO FLASHING LIGHTS on an Atom Jet. The inside is very simple but does have a uniquely shaped cardstock siren that is very fragile that mounts forward of the friction motor. I also make replacements of these at a cost of $175.00. These toys hold tremendous value, as recently showcased at both the Morphy and Bertoia auctions this year. I guarantee there isn’t anything that comes as close as my fin to the original!

Atom Jet Fin 019509
1958 Yonezawa Atom Jet Fin for 27 1
DSC 0011300
DSC 0014317