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Alps Toys

Alps Toys | Vintage Toy Restoration & Sales

At Uncle Al’s Toys, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate haven for Alps toys enthusiasts. Our family-owned business offers a diverse range of goods and services, catering primarily to the vintage, antique, and collectible market.

We specialize in restoring and selling vintage tin and pressed steel toys, providing replacement parts, repairs for battery-operated and wind-up mechanisms, and even crafting custom vintage creations and limited edition replicas. Our passion for vintage toys goes beyond Alps toys, as we also offer a wide selection of collectible art and vintage transportation memorabilia.

Toy collectors will find a treasure trove of nostalgic pieces to add to their cherished collections. With decades of experience in the field, Uncle Al’s Toys is the name you can trust when it comes to preserving and appreciating the timeless charm of Alps toys and other vintage collectibles.

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