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July 1, 2022

Marx Wells Fargo Stagecoach Toy Model Kit Online

Marx Wells Fargo Stagecoach Toy Model Kit Online

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Absolutely stunning 1950’s Marx Wells Fargo / Concord Stage Coach model kit in pristine, 100% completely MINT condition. This is an extremely rare kit with fabulous box art and tremendous detail. If you are familiar with the newer Lindberg versions of this same stage coach kit, you know how large and impressive the final display is. Comes complete with four horse team, all of the necessary tack and chain material as well as five scale figures (approx. 4 1/2″ tall on average) The kit, when assembled is over 24″ long.

1 in stock


Marx Wells Fargo Stagecoach Model kit Online

Buy Marx Wells Fargo Stagecoach Toy Model kit online at best price online. The “Marx Wells Fargo Stagecoach Toy Model Kit” is a detailed and historically accurate representation of the iconic Wells Fargo stagecoaches that were an essential part of American history, especially during the westward expansion in the 19th century. Max, known for producing high-quality model kits, offers enthusiasts and hobbyists the opportunity to recreate a piece of the Old West with this kit.

The Marx Wells Fargo Stagecoach Toy Model Kit offers a unique blend of historical learning and hobbyist enjoyment. It not only provides an engaging project for modelers but also serves as a tangible connection to a significant era in American history. The completed model stands as a testament to the skill and dedication of the builder, as well as a tribute to the iconic Wells Fargo stagecoaches that helped shape the American West.

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