Vintage Toy Cars - Top 5 Vintage Metal Toy Cars for Your Child at Uncle Al’s Toys

There are plenty of toys available in the market such as dolls, plushies, dinosaurs, remote controls, and cell phones, but for most children, maybe even your own, this obsession revolves around cars. It is also a general observation that a baby girl will prefer to play with a doll or soft toys, whereas baby boys would rather love to have a car, truck, or something similar. If you have a little boy at your house who is drawn to all things with wheels, then Uncle Al’s Toys Store has certainly something for you. Have a look at the collection of Vintage Toy Cars at affordable prices for your little Lewis Hamilton.


Top 5 Vintage Metal Toy Cars

  1. 1968 Dodge Dart 440 GTS Diecast Model Car: Produced by Ertl in 2005, the 1968 Dodge Dart 440 GTS diecast model car 1:18 scale is part of a Limited Edition of 2500 cars. A true-to-scale replica of MOPAR Champion Ron Mancini’s bumble bee-striped SS/EA 440 Dart, which on its first time out created a new class record of 12.02, 118 mph. This diecast model is No 7 in the Series and features opening doors and trunk, a removable front hood, chrome accents, real rubber tires, and a beautifully detailed interior.


  1. 1969 1/2 Plymouth Road Runner Diecast Model Car: Produced by Ertl Collectibles in 2008, the 1969 1/2 Plymouth Road Runner diecast model car is No. 10 in the Sox & Martin Series and part of a Limited Edition. This diecast model features opening doors and a trunk, a removable front hood, chrome accents, real rubber tires and a beautifully detailed interior. The model is still in its original packaging with the plastic banding still around the model.


  1. Hot Wheels 1932 Ford Deuces Wild Model Car: Hot Wheels 1932 Ford Diecast Model Car, Deuces Wild, High Boy Street Rod, designed by Greg Paddington and produced by Mattel in 2000. Brand new in the box with minimal shelf wear. This amazing car is sure to give you goosebumps at the first sight.


  1. Remote Control Corvettes 1962 Pocher: The car moves forward and reverse, left and right steering and the lights and radio operate from micro switches on the console. Surprise your child with this amazing toy, and he will surely love to play with this remote control car. Loads of fun and pretty too!


  1. TN/Nomura/Baravelli Sonic Car: It is one of the most amazing vintage toy cars for your child. This car is in 100% original condition and in the original box with insert foam blocks. Each blow of the whistle commands the car to perform a different function, forward, reverse, left and right, and finally for the machine guns to propel out of the roof of the car with bright flashing muzzle fire!


Looking for More Vintage Metal Toy Cars?

If you love playing with cars, especially vintage toy cars, then Uncle Al’s Toys store is the right place for you. Here, you will come across a massive collection of vintage and antique toys that will spellbind your senses. The vintage metal toy cars collection at Uncle Al’s Toys store is unmatchable. Moreover, the toys are preserved with utmost care and sold in boxes at unbelievable prices.

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