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We live in an age where smartphones have made our lives quite easy. Most of the day-to-day tasks can be performed with the help of your smartphone. But there are some drawbacks to the excessive usage of smartphones, especially among kids. Instead of playing out with friends and toys, kids nowadays prefer to stay at home and watch videos or play games online for hours. To some extent, this might be hindering their physical growth, and no parents would like that. Just like thousands of other parents across the US, if you also want your child to focus on toys and playing outside then visit Uncle Al’s Toys Store – A Vintage Toy Shop.


At Uncle Al’s Toys Store, you will many different types of innovative toys that will help you deviate your child’s attention from smartphones and boost creativity in them. Uncle Al’s is a family-owned and operated business and all work performed is in-house. It is a vintage toy shop in the US that offers a wide variety of goods and services primarily to the vintage, antique and collectible market. Thus, if you are in search of innovative toys online that can keep your child engaged and enjoyed, then have a look at the collection of toys at Uncle Al’s Toys Store. You will definitely admire the vintage toy collection.


Since 1976, Uncle Al’s Toys Store is one of the most renowned vintage toy shops offering different types of toys at affordable rates. You can buy toys for toddlers, pre-schooler, school-aged children, etc. Below are some of the top categories of toys at Uncle Al’s Toys Shop, and they are:



  1. Transportation Toys: Every child loves to play with transportation toys, and thus at Uncle Al’s Toys Shop, we have a huge collection of transportation toys at affordable rates. From antique 1930 Strauss Tin Litho Inter-State Bus Wind-up (Green) to Daiya Bluebird National Park Excursion Bus by Daiya of Japan, you will find some really jaw-dropping collection of transportation toys at the best rates. There’s much to explore at the toys shop.


  1. Battery Operated Toys: Battery Operated Toys are great for children of all ages. The toys can be used in many ways and are perfect for children who have a lot of energy and need to be able to run around without being tethered to the wall. There are many options when it comes to Battery Operated Toys. There are toys that can go on the water, toys that can go on grass, and even some that can fly! At Uncle Al’s Vintage Toy Shop, you will find battery­operated toys such as motorcycles, robots, and cars to name a few.


  1. Remote Control Toys: If you are looking for remote control toys that can keep your child keep running around, then have a look at this collection at Uncle Al’s Toys Shop. From remote controlled vintage cars to remote controlled vintage robots, etc. Not only Uncle Al’s Toys Shop you can buy antique and vintage remote-controlled toys, but you can contact them for toy repair and restoration services. So, if you are having a toy that is damaged or missing a part, then contact AL and Tina today. You can also call them at 630-254-1458 (Freeport, IL).


Innovative Toys at Vintage Toy Shop

Along with the above-mentioned categories of toys, you can also buy diecast toys, space toys, custom toys, and more from Uncle Al’s Vintage Toys Shop. Moreover, you can also contact us for toy repair and restoration services in the US. We not only repair old and damaged toys but also produce and deliver custom parts of the toys. Therefore, if any of your toys are missing parts, then feel to contact us. We will manufacture the part and repair it as well.


There are many different types of innovative toys available at Uncle Al’s Vintage Toy Shop, and if you are interested in learning more about them, then feel to visit To inquire about our toy restoration and repair services, please click here

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