Best Loved Vintage Toys

Best Loved Vintage Toys

Do you remember which were your best loved vintage toys during your childhood days? Well, vintage toys are so special and unique that it’s hard to pick anyone as your favorite vintage toy. They keep us connected with our childhood days as there are hundreds of pleasant experiences linked with them. Thus, just like us, if you too, are attached to vintage toy collecting and are still looking for the best vintage toys online at the best price, then Uncle Al’s toy store is just the right place to end your search.


To help you find the best and top-selling vintage toys, we have handpicked some of the top vintage toys for you. If, you are interested in exploring vintage toys for sale, then please click here.


Top 5 Best Loved Vintage and Antique Toys List

Uncle Al’s vintage toys shop is one of the oldest and most reputable vintage and antique toys stores in the US. Here you will not only find the best loved vintage toys, but we also sell vintage toy replacement parts along with vintage toys repair and restoration services. We are a one-stop destination where you will find vintage toys and related services all at affordable prices. Below are some of the best loved vintage toys you would love to buy, and they are:


1]  Fisher Price Dinosaur:

This beautiful, purple-colored toy will make you fall in love with it at the first sight. It is a wonderful, 1999 Fisher-Price Dino-roarrr TRICERATOPS, a mint carded toy that is extremely soft and squeezable. For product images, price, and to buy Fisher Price Dinosaur online, please click here.


2] Big Tic Fossil Robot Clock:

This is the fun and collectible Fossil Big Tic Watch/ big tic Robot Clock in Tin Collector Box. This masterpiece of work is made of heavy stainless steel and fully articulated to tell you about the time in a multitude of positions. For product images, price, and to buy Big Tic Fossil Robot Clock online, please click here.


3] Chaperon Sternwheel Steamer Model Kit:

This paddle wheel boat model kit by Model Shipways, Inc. (Model Expo) builds to an impressive 34 1/2″ long and about a foot tall. If you want to try something unique, then this is a perfect choice. For product images, price, and to buy Chaperon Sternwheel Steamer Model Kit online, please click here.


4] Lincoln Hood Ornament:

A hood ornament replica for the Bandai Lincoln Convertible/Coupe. The replica is cast from an original ornament and fits exactly like the original installation. These are in stock and ready to go. For product images, price, and to buy Lincoln Hood Ornament online, please click here.


5] Pete The Parrot:

This Marx Pete the talking Parrot toy from the 1960s comes to you in nearly flawless, mint condition with the original box, hang tag, and instruction sheet. This is a beautiful and outstanding collectible toy. For product images, prices, and to buy Pete The Parrot online, please click here.

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