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Embark on a journey into the heart of nostalgia with Uncle Al’s Toys, your go-to vintage toy shop for exclusive finds and rare treasures. We are delighted to present a unique collection of Vintage Toy Replacement Parts that will undoubtedly elevate your vintage toy restoration projects.

Discover Rare Vintage Toy Replacement Parts

Marx Colonel Hap Hazard Hi-Bouncer Replacement Antenna

Breathe new life into your Marx Hi-Bouncer with this replacement antenna. It’s not just a part; it’s the missing link that completes your vintage toy.

Masudaya Space Giant Flying Saucer Tail Fins

Take your restoration project to new heights with these authentic tail fins. They aren’t just replacements; they’re wings that restore the magic of space exploration.

Cragstan Great Astronaut Replacement Face Shield

Revitalize your Cragstan Great Astronaut with a new face shield. It’s not just a replacement; it’s a clear window into the past, preserving the astronaut’s charm.

Marx Colonel Hap Hazard Oxygen Tanks Hollow Cast Replacement Red

Add a pop of color to your Marx Colonel Hap Hazard with these red replacement oxygen tanks. They’re not just parts; they’re vibrant accents that catch the eye.

Marx Hi-Bouncer Moon Scout Col Hap Hazard Replacement Visor

Shield your Hi-Bouncer Moon Scout with a brand new visor. It’s not just a replacement; it’s the finishing touch that brings your vintage toy back to its former glory.

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