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Airplane Toys

Airplane Toys for Collectors | Find Rare and Vintage Models

Discover rare and vintage airplane toys for collectors. Our selection includes highly detailed and quality models perfect for any aviation enthusiast. Shop now!

Airplane toys have been a staple of childhood play for generations, captivating the imaginations of children and adults alike with their designs that echo real aircraft. They range from simple, inexpensive models to highly detailed replicas aimed at collectors.

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  • A 1960's Marx Bristol 188 XF926 Jet Aeroplane. A very clean battery-operated toy in excellent working condition. The Bristol 188 XF-926 Jet airplane was made in Japan and was modeled after an experimental aircraft designed by and made by the Bristol Aircraft Company in the 1950's. The toy engines "power up" and light up one after the other. The jet then taxis along for a short distance, stops and repeats. One of the many Marx battery operated fighting jets in amazing condition!
  • Child Guidance Mechanical Helicopter No. 8200. A child's introduction to mechanics. The gears turn, the motor spins and it makes a realistic sound.  Wind it up and watch it run! The helicopter can be disassembled and is color-coded for easy reassembly. The Child Guidance series of Mechanical Toys are tremendous teaching tools. Children learn the science behind how things work, by watching the operation of gears working together to create action and movement. You'll find the rarest examples of these toys right here!
  • Hubley American Eagle Diecast Fighter / Bomber 4 Blade Propeller Airplane in Original Box. This P-47 die cast metal toy airplane has retractable landing gear and both wings fold up. Made in the USA by Hubley Kiddie Toy. This particular version features a 4-blade propeller. Please see our other offering featuring a two-blade propeller.
  • A new cockpit/canopy set for the Hubley Kiddie Toy Fighter Bomber and P-47 die cast metal airplanes. We create all of our reproduction parts from a duplicating process using original toy parts (NOT 3D!). This ensures a perfect fitting and authentic replacement part requiring no refinishing or alteration prior to installation.The results are undeniable and sure to please. We employ the same process when re-creating our tin and metal parts, which we pre-fit to an original toy prior to shipment.
  • A Hubley Kiddie Toy American Eagle Fighter Bomber and P-47 pressed steel die cast metal toy airplane in the original box. The plane has retractable landing gear and both wings fold up. Made in the USA by Hubley Kiddie Toy. Hubley American Eagle Diecast Fighter/Bomber 2-Blade Propeller Airplane in Original Box. This P-47 die cast metal toy airplane has retractable landing gear and both wings fold up. Made in the USA by Hubley Kiddie Toy. This particular version features a 2-blade propeller. Please see our other offering featuring a four-blade propeller.
  • HUGE! Nomura Cessna 310L Friction Airplane with Reproduction Box. Beautiful, large airplane with spinning propellers. The Cessna 310 is also the same model as featured in the early 1960's TV show 'Sky King', a Saturday morning favorite program from my childhood. This toy is really beautiful and one of my personal favorites! There are two planes available and only one comes with a reproduction box. Please deduct $150 for the non-boxed aircraft.
  • Leader Jumbo Jet Airplane Toy

    $86.25 IL Sales Tax 8%
    See and hear the big bird in action. Watch it load and unload as it prepares for takeoff with roaring sounds and flashing lights. One of my favorite toys to display and operate for family and guests at Christmas, during the 1980's.  This is also one of the first Chinese battery toys to enter the US market. An awesome toy that has only been owned and operated by me!
  • Monogram Oval Gas Tank. Includes large oval chrome plated gas tank with embossed ends, filer cap and mounting platform. Custom Accessory for big 1/8 scale model cars or for customizing Monograms Big "T" and other large-scale models.
  • Moon Mobile Scout Wagon Explorer Reproduction Box Sears Exclusive, Moon Mobile Scout Wagon Explorer Reproduction Box. A beautiful, faithfully reproduced high quality box for your collectible toy or for display. The toy was available through the Sears Christmas catalogs during the early 1960's and are amazing, complex toys for the era. The box art on the Sears Exclusives is collectible in its own right.
  • Thimble-Drome Curtiss Pusher by L.M. Cox. The 1911 vintage style, engine powered airplane is a ready to assemble flying model. Complete with a T-D babe bee engine.The Thimble-Drome Curtiss flying model was only produced for one year, (1960/61) due to its delicate nature and inability to survive smooth landings. The model kits came with a parts re-ordering form that I assume was used extensively by model flyers!One of my favorite all-time kits that is extremely well made and has excellent detail. The pilot figure comes with lead weights that fit inside his legs and acts as the counterbalance to the power of the gas, .029 engine. This kit is becoming exceedingly rare to find in any condition, but this kit offered is 100%original, including the decal sheet. I offer replacement waterslide decals for this model elsewhere on our site.

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