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Antique Toy Parts

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  • High-quality replacment feder light part made from cast metal for the Tippco 1930's Mercedes Fuhrerwagen Staff Car.
  • A set of replacement Ears for the Strauss Jenny the Balky Mule toy.
  • Reproduction Sonic Whistle for the Sonic Car Dodge Charger. Movement and direction are performed by blowing the whistle. With each blow of the sonic whistle, the dodge charger will move forward, in reverse, make left or right turns, or propel the machine guns out of the roof of the car with bright flashing muzzle fire. Guaranteed to perform just like the original sonic whistle!The pictures of the clear blue whistle were taken to show the detail more clearly. Whistle colors may vary.
  • Replacement front bumper cones for the rare Sensco Japan Future Car or the TV Space Patrol friction car. The TV Space Patrol Car cones come with the slight teal blue tint as original and the Future Car comes clear green tinted as original. Please specify which you need at the time you order. These cones are sold only in pairs for a perfect color match on your rare toy. TV Space Patrol Car tin mounting rings are sold separately.
  • The rare, Sensco  'TV Space Patrol Car' modeled after the famous Cadillac XP-74 concept car. Uncle Al's offers a beautiful replacement blue tinted canopy as well as the almost always missing  baby blue bumperette cones. Only found here!
  • This great replacement canopy for the Schuco Radiant 5600 airplane is casted from an original toy part and snaps right into place for a perfect fit. More parts for this plane are planned for the near future, such as battery doors, switches, propellers and individual engine pods.
  • Mattel Lost In Space Roto Jet Gun Replacement MISSILEMattel Lost In Space Roto Jet Gun Replacement MISSILENew from Uncle Al's Toys is this excellent replacement missile for the 1960's Mattel Lost in Space Roto Jet Gun. This round, flying missile was created by making a mold of an original toy part. The two part mold captures all of the fine details of the missile for the best and ONLY current reproduction of this part. Be sure to view all of the attached pictures showing the flying missile in action! If your Roto Jet Gun is still working and in need of projectiles, your search is over. These parts are in stock and ready to ship. Danger Will Robinson!!The Roto Jet Gun was a wildly popular toy from the mid 1960's and coincided with the equally popular TV series, 'Lost In Space'. The box packaging for the toy featured the likeness of child star Billy Mumy in his space suit firing his Roto Jet Gun. It also listed all of the accessory pieces and different gun configurations.A boxed version of this toy sold on eBay in 2019 for just over $2900.00!The Roto Jet Gun shown in the pictures is for toy clarification only and is not currently available. This sale is for ONE missile only.
  • A flexible plastic propeller for the Rosko Toy Viscount Airliner aircraft toy. The prop is slightly more flexible than the original part. The wing must be disassembled in order to correctly install this propeller.
  • The Robby Space Patrol, Moon Patrol replacement lens is available in red or green.  This high-quality replacement part is guaranteed to be a perfect fit! Please specify your color choice.
  • Masudaya battery operated Queen of the Sea replica radar antenna. Available ONLY through Uncle Al's Toys is this plastic resin replica antenna available in light blue, dark blue and white. (Please specify color when ordering.)The antenna mounts on a rod protruding from the upper deck of the toy and is nearly always lost. Also available for the Queen is a replica tin flag and the clear light bulb domes for the upper deck! Time to complete your large cruise ship and increase it's value!
  • Replica Knockoff Spinner for Exclusive Sears Indy 500 Turnpike Racers Replica Knockoff Spinner for the Exclusive Sears Indy 500 Turnpike Racers - This listing is for new, white metal reproduction knockoff spinners for the Sears Exclusive battery operated Indianapolis 500 Race Car or the Sears Turnpike  Line friction racer and the Sears Indy 500 friction racer. These three toys utilize the same master cast spinner but have different threaded diameters. The battery operated spinner has a smaller diameter hole than the friction cars so PLEASE SPECIFY which spinner you need when you purchase.The white metal castings are a bit softer and the wings are a bit thicker than the originals but as you can see, they look and work great. Holes come drilled and tapped so all you have to do is put them on your cars. Please also note that these are fabricated to mount on original car threaded studs. If someone has broken the original studs and replaced with an aftermarket screw, these will not work.When viewing the pictures, the white Indy 500 car is sporting the new knockoffs. The green Turnpike racer has original cast spinners. Note the larger mounting stud of the Turnpike car. These parts are in stock and ready to go.
  • Here we have a replacement windows for the battery-operated Horikawa Space Station. The replacement windows are vacuum formed of the same thickness clear plastic as the originals for a perfect fit.
  • Buy Tonka Steam Shovel Replacement Tire

    Replacement tire for 1947 Tonka Shovel #100. Correct tire with visible tread pattern on outer edge of tire. As far as I know, 1947 was the only year to use this pattern.
  • This listing is for one replacement tin flag for the Wolverine Carousel. The tin flag removes easily from Wolverine Carousel, which is why you often find one or more missing from the toy. The toy in the photographs is for display purposes only and not for sale.
  • Replacement Switch - This versatile little switch will fit several toys - the Marx Super Beam Signal Ray Gun, the Marx Space Patrol Atomic Flashlight Pistol, the Rex Mars Planet Patrol Ray Gun and even the Halco Space Patrol Ray Gun. The switch generally matches the triggers so we have it available in many colors. Just specify the color when you make the purchase.
  • Replacement Steering Wheel for Urbana Mfg. CROSBY Electric Towmotor Forklift Salesman Sample
  • A replacement Race Car Driver for the Marx Mechanical Roadster and Indy race car offered in yellow or white. Please contact me to let me know your color selection. This is a near perfect replacement toy part made from a mold taken from an original part. It will install just like the original with no disappointments! These items are in stock and ready to ship.Looking for a great Marx car?
  • This tail wheel was cast from a mold created of an original clock part and is a guaranteed fit for your clock. I cast these parts myself. All of the pictures you see here are of the new replacement part, not an original. The metal castings are filed, sanded and lightly polished. I haven't tried plating them yet as they looked quite appropriate in the lightly polished bare metal state. Protect the integrity and value of your clock by reinstalling a REAL METAL replacement tail wheel. This is a bare metal casting and is NOT plated. *Please note that the Sessions Airplane Clock shown is my personal clock and is shown for reference only and is not included or for sale. You will receive ONE TAIL WHEEL ONLY.
  • This is a brand new replacement windshield/convertible top for the 1950's 20" tin Marx Falcon friction drive car. The top comes clear and ready for painting in your favorite color. This new top was created from a mold made from the black top in the pictures. As you can see, it's a perfect fit and the glass is clear. The mounting pins are about 1/4" long. A perfect replacement for that cracked, warped or missing top.
  • Nomura Robby Space Patrol/Moon Patrol Replacement Battery Cover
    This listing is for a metal replacement battery cover door that fits the Nomura battery operated Robby Space Patrol, the Moon Car - Moon Patrol Space Division #3 and the Moon Space Ship. This replacement door is a hand worked, three piece reproduction of the original cover and each one is fitted to a toy to ensure proper fit and function. The bottom of the toy needs to be accessible in order to properly attach the cover. The hinges come pre-bent for proper insertion and care must be taken when installing. The reason so many of these toys end up with missing covers is primarily due to the fragile design of the hinges. Once the hinges are inserted into the 'L' slots (working from the inside of the toy), the hinge pins that are bent at 90 degrees are straightened with a plier to form a 'T' shape, effectively locking the door in place. I use a duck bill plier to flatten the hinge completely. 
    If you are uncomfortable opening up the toy, the door hinges can be carefully inserted into the 'L' shaped slots and then closed and latched but please note that this should only be done if you don't intend to insert the batteries. The cover, when inserted this way is only being supported by one half of each hinge. The battery weight will put too much pressure on the hinge and could break the pins. As you can see in the pictures, I've inserted a door into the bottom of one of my toys to test the fit of the door when the latch is engaged. Each door I make is tested in this fashion to guarantee an excellent fit for your toy. Other parts are available for this toy and will be listed soon.
  • This listing is for a plastic replacement battery cover for the Melvin G Miller Texas Oil Well Pumping Unit. The battery cover comes in red or white and the wording can say Humble or Wildcat. Please specify your selection when you place the order. You will receive one replacement battery cover. The pumping unit in the picture is for display purposes only.
  • Very RARE, Carolina Best 'Space Walking Dogs' counter card display from the late 1960's. This counter display has all 24 originally bagged and stapled ramp walker dogs still hanging in place after nearly 50 years and looks incredible in your man cave, woman cave, home or office. Only one very unique color dog stands out from all the others . . . just amazing! I loved this item when I first discovered it. Brought back MANY fond childhood memories! How many of you remember that Lays Potato Chips put these Space Walking Dogs in their bags of chips as a promo give away?? Gosh I'm old . . . but never too old to play!
  • Pyro X-400 Space Explorer Replacement Canopy for the 1960's Pyro X-400 Space Explorer plastic spaceship.  Created from a mold taken of an original toy part to ensure the utmost accuracy in the snap-fit installation, just like the original. 
  • This is a replacement ASTRONAUT PILOT FIGURE that fits in both the Pyro X-300 and X-400 rocket spaceships from the 1950's. The figure has a little button on the bottom that fits into the mounting hole of the toy. It is glued into place as original. You may have to remove old plastic from the mount hole to secure properly. The X-300 require one figure while the X-400 requires two figures.

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