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Antique Toys

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  • A 1960's Marx Bristol 188 XF926 Jet Aeroplane. A very clean battery-operated toy in excellent working condition. The Bristol 188 XF-926 Jet airplane was made in Japan and was modeled after an experimental aircraft designed by and made by the Bristol Aircraft Company in the 1950's. The toy engines "power up" and light up one after the other. The jet then taxis along for a short distance, stops and repeats. One of the many Marx battery operated fighting jets in amazing condition!
  • 1965 Tonka Dump Truck No. 315

    $373.75 IL Sales Tax 8%
    A near mint 1950s Tonka Dump Truck No. 315 with its original box and a small sale sheet featuring a Tonka construction hat. The box has age wear from being in a basement for years but is sturdy and sound. The red/yellow color combination truck shows no playwear, and the tires are perfect. There's a slight tinge of oxidation on the front bumper. Not terrible, but worth mentioning to the discerning collector. Also included is a little promo sheet that came with the toy, offering a value discount on the purchase of a Tonka hardhat.
  • Produced by Ertl Collectibles in 2002 the 1970 Plymouth Cuda diecast model car is Pro Stock Series #4 Issue No. 4 and part of a Limited Edition. This model is a true-to-scale replica of the 1970 Plymouth driven by professional drag racer Don Grotheer.  Don's Super Stock Plymouth race cars were always a contender at any racing event. His familiar orange, blue and white race cars looked as good as they ran. In 1970 he built and raced one of the first Barracuda Pro Stockers. The new Pro Stock class was a heads up class, with no handicaps. It also allowed the racers the use of fiberglass hoods and fenders and many engine modifications. These rules resulted in some of the fastest door slammers in the sport of drag racing at the time.This 1970 Plymouth Cuda diecast model features opening hood and doors, race oil pan, a detailed 426 Hemi Engine, authentic paint colors and a beautifully detailed interior. The dimensions of the car are approximately L-10, W-4, H-3 inches. The window box dimensions are L-13.5 x W-6.5 x H-6 inches. The model is still in its original packaging. It was never displayed and the box shows minimal wear from storage. A must have for true collectors!
  • 1929 Buddy L #208 Transportation Company Bus, 100% Original - This is one of the finest, all original, heavy pressed steel toy busses that you will ever see. This Buddy L Transportation Coach is in incredible, 100% original, unrestored condition with the original leather pull cord still attached. At an impressive 30" length, it's one of the largest toy busses ever produced. The toy has minor surface imperfections and there is mild wear to the original aluminum wheels.As this was also considered a 'ride on' style toy, the steerable front wheels were operated by the riding child turning the spare tires on either side of the front cowl.The toy features steerable wheels and both left and right front opening doors. The original paint is time aged but remarkably few chips or imperfections. The original decals are at 90%.  Plated surfaces are tarnished and left unrestored. This is a true museum piece that was acquired from a reputable, world travelled dealer of fine antiquities. There are no disappointments here.Additional photos are available on request and please, only serious inquiries answered. This toy can be purchased through direct contact ONLY and acceptable payment will be by bank draft, direct wire transfer or verified personal check.
  • Child Guidance Mechanical V-8 Engine, No. 8280. A child's introduction to mechanics. Wind it up and watch it run! The engine can be disassembled and is color-coded for easy reassembly. The Child Guidance series of Mechanical Toys are tremendous teaching tools. Children learn the science behind how things work, by watching the operation of gears working together to create action and movement. You'll find the rarest examples of these toys right here!
  • Cragstan Great Astronaut Robot

    $1,719.25 IL Sales Tax 8%
    Beautiful, Cragstan Great Astronaut robot toy in excellent, original condition. Great Astronaut is very similar to the Alps Television Space Man Robot, featuring a rotating space scene in his chest, with swaying arms as he walks. He operates on 2 'D' cell batteries in his back oxygen tanks. This is a must have 'holy grail' robot for true vintage robot and space toy collectors.
  • Custom Robot Super Cycle

    $862.50 IL Sales Tax 8%

    This is a brand new custom toy manufactured by Uncle Al's Toys and is called Robot Super Cycle. Color stylings are reminiscent of the vintage tin Bandai Super Cycle. Robot Super Cycle features a die cast metal cycle with rubber tires and a tin, seated robot. The cycle and robot are hand embellished with lacquer paints, colored rhinestones and a real, working compass! Each unit is unique and serialized by Uncle Al. Toy measures approximately 7" x 4" x 2.25 ". The Uncle Al version is a special order item and requires a 4 week delivery time. 

  • A wonderful, 1999 Fisher-Price Dino-roarrr TRICERATOPS, mint carded dinosaur toy. It is a newer version of the popular Fisher Price 'Puffalump' dinosaur. Dino-roars have a soft, squeezable body and makes a high shrill noise that slowly descends into a cooing, 'Aaah' sound. A fun and appealing toy for small children.This vivid orange Dino-roarrr was purchased brand new in 1999 and was kept in sealed stored condition. When squeezed, he opens his mouth and out comes the sound of a very content Dino-roarrr! Also available is an equally fun Triceratops in vivid PURPLE color. These toys are fabulous for collectors or for those parents who want to give their little ones cherished vintage gifts. Very few left in this condition that aren't already in private collections.
  • Gabriel 1912 Model T Delivery Truck Metal Model Kit. Unassembled 1/20 scale.
  • Unassembled 1/20 scale vintage METAL model kit. These kits are a true delight to build. The modeler should possess intermediate model building skills and will need tools such as miniature drill bits and jewelers files, as well as a small flat blade screwdriver for assembly. Paints and adhesives are also necessary.
  • This little red wagon customizing kit is a great model from the 1960's. You have the option to build three basic versions: the Little Red Wagon, a stock A-100 Dodge truck, and a drag strip push car. The never assembled kit is complete with original directions and decal sheet but there are loose pieces off the trees.This molded red plastic Dodge includes workable steering, opening doors and tailgate. It also includes parts for stock version including 273 cubic inch V-8 engine, 426” Hemi-engine, and Goodyear 11” slicks. The kit is in excellent condition. The box is in fair condition. A rare find. Model Kit No.: 107-200
  • Hostess With The Mostest Remote Controlled Figure and Bar Cart 1970's Poynter Products - Highly unusual and one of the finest toy in my collection! 1970's Poynter Products 'Hostess with the Mostest' battery operated figure and bar cart, complete with remote control and original instruction sheet. I have no idea how many of these were made but this one is serial #174 and is matched to the powered bar cart. I have never seen another one of these available anywhere. Hostess R/C works perfectly as new. Two very powerful motors under cart can handle the delivery of a full six pack and more as it appears the 31" tall sultry vixen slowly pushes the cart across the floor. The cart dimensions are 16" tall, shelf dimensions are 16" x 10" and width including main drive wheels is 12". Small wires attached to the drive system on one end and in the toes of our 'Giant Babe's' shoes on the other give the illusion of her legs moving back and forth in walking motion. Quite anatomically accurate, she's a sight to behold! Early 1970's, 100% original, serial number and original instructions included.

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