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Battery Operated Toys

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Love vintage battery operated toys? | At Uncle Al’s vintage toy shop, you’ll find the best vintage battery-operated toys and the parts to repair them.

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  • This is a wonderful Alps 'Auto Doggie' Mustang convertible battery operated  car, made in Japan. The toy is a 'Bump N' Go multi directional mover. Auto Doggie is in excellent working condition with the original driver and a replacement dog. (The other dog ran away . . .) When the toy is in play, the car moves about the room and the doggie barks and makes a jumping movement in the passenger seat.It's a large toy measuring 14" long and 5" wide. It is in excellent working condition and is always in a glass cabinet on display in my collection.
  • This listing is for ONE REPLACEMENT REAR PLASTIC WING for the 1/10 scale battery operated Asahi Junior Toys Gold Leaf Lotus 49 Ford F-1 race car. The wing was created from a mold taken from an original toy part and is an exact copy of the original, perfect fitting and strong material. Many of these cars are missing this accessory and now there is this excellent replacement available from Uncle Al's Toys. Please note that this listing is for ONE WING ONLY - NO CAR. These parts are in stock and ready to ship!
  • Comet Monorail Battery Operated Toy, TN Nomura Japan is in excellent working condition. This toy comes complete with metal track and the original box. The Monorail car operates on 'D' cell batteries. It features forward and reverse action and has red and green lights which correspond with the movement. The track layout is approximately 20" by 30". The Monorail car is suspended by the metal uprights and wire track that snap together to form the layout. The litho is bright and crisp and shows very light playwear overall.This toy was produced in the 1950's in Japan due in part to the popularity of the Disneyland Theme Park Monorail in California. It can be played with or used as an attractive display piece.
  • Ha Ha Toys recreation of the iconic Linemar Lantern Robot, mint in the box. The lantern robot has lighted eyes and a lighted lantern in his hand. Fill him with the white powder included and he 'puffs' out the powder while he walks and swings his lantern! Beautiful toy in new, unplayed with condition. The box was only opened to photograph the item.
  • Very nice Ha Ha Toys Thunder Robot in his original box is ready for action! Ha Ha Toys robots are known for having better quality gear systems than newer versions of this toy and are more sought after because of that. Batteries have been installed and the toy was hand tested for function and then promptly returned to the original packaging.Thunder Robot walks across the Earth with his antenna spinning, lighted eyes and raises his gun arms to fire his lasers. He works great and looks even greater when functioning! The brown color, from what I've been told is the most common color and this reissue is quite marvelous!
  • Remote Control Battery Operated College Jalopy, Linemar Toys from the 1950's. This beautiful all original toy works perfectly. It comes with the original box and has virtually no playwear. The litho condition is fabulous and the car is covered in the most popular sayings of 1950s teenagers.The toy features forward and reverses directions, remote-controlled (cable operated) left and right steering, functioning driver's door spotlight and LOUD siren noise. All functions work perfectly. The box shows age wear but is quite displayable. It would be difficult to find a finer example of this toy!
  • A wonderful Marusan, Japan Sunbeam Motorcycle with Sidecar battery-operated toy in excellent, fully working condition. The Sunbeam operates with two 'D' cell batteries inserted into the sidecar. The sidecar switch operates the headlight, red license plate, taillight and the front running light. Upon battery insertion and without operating the light switch, power is instantly available to the electric motor to power the bike. The bike operates by switch movement on the gas tank. First gear is slow speed, second gear for higher speed and neutral or 'off'. The front fork is steerable and can be positioned for straight or circular motoring direction.These were very sensitive and fragile toys and most became shelf displays due to mishandling. This toy has been thoroughly checked and adjusted for superior function. Truly a delight and a must have for motorcycle collectors and enthusiasts alike!
  • Marx Pete the Parrot

    $575.00 IL Sales Tax 8%
    Marx Pete the ParrotThis Marx Pete the talking Parrot toy from the 1960's comes to you in nearly flawless, mint condition with the original box, hang tag and instruction sheet. This awesome battery-operated toy requires 3 D cell batteries and one 9 volt battery for the talking feature.This is one of the first battery operated toys to feature the use of transistors for operation. The voice recording mechanism utilizes the 9 volt battery. Pressing one of the buttons on the base allows you to record a special message. After the recording is completed, pressing the button again plays back your message and actuates Pete's beak, eyes and head movement to imply Pete speaking with your voice.These toys are almost never seen in this virtually unplayed with condition. The original box lid has a bit of damage and the missing pieces of the front are included should you wish to have the box repaired. This is a beautiful and outstanding collectible toy.
  • This is a rare Walt Disney World, Epcot Mission Space X-2 Experimental Exploration Spacecraft battery-operated toy that was only available at the theme park gift shop many years ago, and the toy is no longer produced. There are three buttons on the back of the toy that make sound as well as flashing red LED lights in the engines and leading edges of wings and fins. I tried to capture the colors but they are much more vivid in person. An extremely well-made toy that also features an opening cockpit and retractable rolling landing gear. I have a demonstrator to play with and three in their original boxes for sale. These are highly sought after by space toy collectors and Disneyana collectors alike.
  • Extremely nice and mint in the box is this R-1 Robot 2003 Black Stripe Edition from Rocket USA and made in China. This robot is a large skirted robot that is defined by the black trim pieces that go down each side of the toy. This version is quite a bit harder to find than the subsequent R-1 robots to hit the market, including the 'Rescue Robot'. Very simple battery toy which features Bump n Go action, flashing top light and eyes and clasping hands. R-1 operates on two 'AA' size batteries.This toy comes in its original box with inserts. It was removed for these photographs only.
  • Rocket USA R-1 Robot 2003 in GRAY is made in China. This extremely nice and mint in the box robot is a large skirted robot that is defined by the black trim pieces that go down each side of the toy. This version is quite common to find and is a great addition to collecting ALL the R-1 Robots, including the Limited Edition Black Stripe, Bare Metal and 'Rescue Robot'. Very simple battery toy which features Bump n Go action, flashing top light and eyes and clasping hands. R-1 operates on two 'AA' size batteries.This toy comes in its original box with inserts. It was removed for these photographs only.

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