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Custom Toys

Buy Vintage Custom Toys and Custom Toy Parts

Need a custom toy? Get custom toys and custom toy parts as per your requirements. Call us or contact us to discuss more | At Uncle Al’s Toys, you’ll find the best custom toys and vintage toy parts for sale.

Check out some of our cool custom vintage toys:

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  • Custom Robot Super Cycle

    $750.00 IL Sales Tax 8%

    Custom Robot Super Cycle - This is a brand new custom toy manufactured by Uncle Al's Toys and is called Robot Super Cycle. Color stylings are reminiscent of the vintage tin Bandai Super Cycle.

    Robot Super Cycle features a die cast metal cycle with rubber tires and a tin, seated robot. The cycle and robot are hand embellished with lacquer paints, colored rhinestones and a real, working compass! Each unit is unique and serialized by Uncle Al. Toy measures approximately 7" x 4" x 2.25 ". The Uncle Al version is a special order item and requires a 4 week delivery time. 

  • Buy Toy Mill - MAC Dutch Mill Tin Sand 1920 Vintage Toy

    From the early 1900's we present this offering from the McDowell Toy Company of Pittsburgh, the #26 "MAC" Dutch Mill tin sand toy in very loved and played with condition. The toy originally came with a small tin tray for catching the sand and a small cloth bag to put the sand in. Sand deposited into the hopper at the top of the toy pours over internal paddles which turn the windmill blades and sets the little operating man on the back of the toy into action, making it appear he is turning the blades. The lithography appears on all sides of the toy. It is pure art and very indicative of the quality of early American toys. The toy has one broken tab supporting the hopper but it can easily be fixed. This beautiful shelf piece would look awesome displayed with books and/or other antiques.
  • Hootin' Hollow Haunted House Black Cat is a perfect reproduction of the original toy part. Many of these Marx houses are either missing the entire cat or the cat is missing the tail, which is quite fragile and prone to breakage. I take great care to cast the cat in black plastic and add paint for the yellow eyes and red tongue, just like the original!Marx Hootin' Hollow Haunted House first appeared on TV in the mid 1960's. The commercial features a spooky announcer and two children playing with and truly enjoying the houses many amazing features.  The toy boasts a jumping cat, a witch behind the opening front door, a ghost floating in the air behind a lighted window, a scary window shade, a shaking roof with banging shutters, a skeleton that jumps out of the chimney, a spooky, eerie sound and a frightening loud whistling noise. All of these features are operated by buttons and 3 'D' cell batteries.We have other parts available for this toy:  the witch behind the door, the skeleton in the chimney, the gray buttons, and the tin inner battery box.
  • Moon Mobile Scout Wagon Explorer Reproduction Box Sears Exclusive, Moon Mobile Scout Wagon Explorer Reproduction Box. A beautiful, faithfully reproduced high quality box for your collectible toy or for display. The Moon Mobile Scout toy was available through the Sears Christmas catalogs during the early 1960's and are amazing, complex toys for the era. The box art on the Sears Exclusives is collectible in its own right.
  • Only from Uncle Al's Toys and LIMITED to ONLY FOUR EVER is the UAT SURF WAGON customized version of the Mystery Action Bus ME 083 from China. This great battery operated toy is a 'Bump n Go' action with working headlights and BEEP horn. Uncle Al completely disassembles the toy and repaints in awesome California surfing colors and adds plastic surf boards and custom graphics. Beautifully done, if I do say so myself! Of course, I've made one for myself and another sold at the Fall 2016 Chicago Toy Show in St. Charles, Illinois. That only leaves TWO LEFT so don't hesitate. These come with the original ME 083 Mystery Action Bus boxes and insert.
  • Pyro X-300 Space Cruiser REPRODUCTION Rocket ShipPyro X-300 Space Cruiser REPRODUCTION Rocket Ship - This is a brand new exact reproduction of the Pyro X-300 Space Cruiser manufactured by Uncle Al's Toys. A complete original toy was disassembled and molds were made of the individual pieces. As with the original, it features rolling wheels and an astronaut figure. These spaceships can be made in any color combination and more will be available here and on Ebay.The Pyro X-300 Space Cruiser is a beautiful, classic 1950's design that has withstood the test of time in it's popularity. Many different companies across the globe have taken this rocket and added there own design elements. Kleeware and Tudor Rose are two companies that offered this toy in color varieties. T. Cohn offered the rocket with their tin Space Port that would launch the rocket out of the garage and across the floor.Values continue to climb on original toys, making them somewhat unaffordable to new collectors which is why I decided to recreate the toy for those collectors. I will be making other X-300 variations myself with features such as battery operated lighting and friction/sparking drive.
  • Large 20" long 1962 Chevrolet Corvette remote control car with opening doors, working headlights, tail lights and FM radio and custom automotive paint finish in true GM colors, Tuxedo Black, Fawn Beige, Roman Red, Ermine White, Almond Beige, Sateen Silver, Honduras Maroon. The car moves forward and reverse, left and right steering and the lights and radio operate from micro switches on the console. I've placed the car next to a Pocher Fiat so that you can get an idea of it's size. Loads of fun and pretty too!1962 Corvette

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