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Original Toy Parts

Original Toy Parts – The Ultimate Destination for Collectors

Find original toy parts for your collection at the ultimate destination for collectors. Browse our selection of rare and hard-to-find toy parts today.

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  • This is a complete set (4PCS), two guitars and two drumsticks for the 1960's Aoshin ASC Monkee Mobile battery operated car. The original parts are so often broken or missing from this toy. These are cast replacements from a mold taken from original components and are a perfect fit. I also have replacement arms, bodies, heads, engine and scoop, voice box buttons and hubcaps for this toy with pictures and pricing to come.
  • Replica Batman Batcuffs 1966 Ideal Batman Utility Belt Accessory

    Replica Batman Batcuffs for the 1966 Ideal Batman Utility Belt. An accessory for the utility belt worn by Batman in the original 1966 TV series. These batcuffs are an exact replica of the original.
  • A new flexible plastic square tip propeller for the Cragstan or Yonezawa battery operated DC-7c aircraft toys. The perfect solution to those old broken or glue covered propellers. Our new prop is a bit more flexible than the original. Please note the wings must be disassembled in order to correctly install these propellers.
  • Buy Doepke Model Toy  MG Replacement Seat at best Price

    This brand new replacement seat for the Doepke Model Toy is created from a mold taken of an original toy part and is guaranteed to fit perfectly. The seat has the same bosses with a drilled hole to accommodate screw on fastening just like original. The seat should be washed with soap and water to remove mold release agent before painting or adhering cloth. This seat is available no where else but here and is in stock.
  • Another NEW part from Uncle Al's Toys and available NO WHERE ELSE is this great replacement lens for the Marx or Halco flashlight pistols, Marx Space Patrol Atomic Flashlight Pistol, Halco Planet Patrol Flashlight Pistol and Rex Mars Planet Patrol Flashlight Pistol. Beautifully clear lens screws on just like the original and can be made in slightly tinted colors upon request. Uncle Al is also a specialist in repairing broken plastic ray guns!
  • This listing is for a plastic replacement battery cover for the Melvin G Miller Texas Oil Well Pumping Unit. The battery cover comes in red or white and the wording can say Humble or Wildcat. Please specify your selection when you place the order. You will receive one replacement battery cover. The pumping unit in the picture is for display purposes only.
  • Alps Lincoln Futura Metal Steering Wheel is an exact fitting replica of the original toy steering wheel. This part will fit all variations of the Alps Futura cars; friction, battery operated, and remote control. The replacement wheel mounts to the toy using the same tab/slot configuration and is easy to install. Also available for this toy are the rubber tires and the spring shaft deck antenna.The Alps Futura concept car is a stunning creation that is still popular today. Alps did a magnificent job of recreating this fine automobile in the tin.
  • This listing is for a new replacement engine cover for the Nomura R-10 VW Space Patrol Car or for the Nomura Piston Tractor. This clear engine cover may have been used on other Nomura toys that I'm unaware of. The part was created from a mold taken of an original toy part and is guaranteed a perfect fit and crystal clear.The toys pictured are used to clarify the part in this listing and are NOT INCLUDED or for sale.
  • This tail wheel was cast from a mold created of an original clock part and is a guaranteed fit for your clock. I cast these parts myself. All of the pictures you see here are of the new replacement part, not an original. The metal castings are filed, sanded and lightly polished. I haven't tried plating them yet as they looked quite appropriate in the lightly polished bare metal state. Protect the integrity and value of your clock by reinstalling a REAL METAL replacement tail wheel. This is a bare metal casting and is NOT plated. *Please note that the Sessions Airplane Clock shown is my personal clock and is shown for reference only and is not included or for sale. You will receive ONE TAIL WHEEL ONLY.
  • Buy Tonka Steam Shovel Replacement Tire

    Replacement tire for 1947 Tonka Shovel #100. Correct tire with visible tread pattern on outer edge of tire. As far as I know, 1947 was the only year to use this pattern.
  • A flexible plastic propeller for the Rosko Toy Viscount Airliner aircraft toy. The prop is slightly more flexible than the original part. The wing must be disassembled in order to correctly install this propeller.
  • This is a new replacement clear plastic canopy for the 1950's Yonezawa Atom Jet Racer, 30" friction car from Japan. The mold for this new canopy was created using the original metal canopy frame for a PERFECT FIT. Original canopies have tended to shrink and crack over time. This excellent, custom vacuum formed canopy is GUARANTEED to fit as perfectly as original. We have many other custom parts for the Atom Jet such as cowl lights (both versions of pointy and flat), tail cone lights, siren boxes and the most ACCURATE replacement fin on the planet!
  • The Yonezawa Burger Chef is a very cute battery operated tin toy from 1950's. It came with a hamburger for the frying pan which the Burger Chef would flip over as it was cooking. However this loose accessory was often lost and the toy is usually seen without the hamburger.

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