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  • Vintage Marx Battery Op Lighted Gas Pump Island in excellent original, working condition.
  • Yone, Japan Coffin Bank Wind Up Tin Toy with Original Box.  A fun Halloween decoration in like new excellent working condition. Wind it up and watch the skeleton hand reach out and grab the coin. Check out the video in the picture gallery.The Coffin Bank is in excellent working condition, retaining its original felt shroud. The lithograph is brilliant and crisp with only a couple minor imperfections. This item is virtually unused, (except for myself and my lovely photographer to shoot the video). The original box has minor wear to the outside edges from shelf storage. No disappointments!
  • 'Candy Vending Machine' battery operated saving bank from Wonderful Toy Company, 1950's. This RARE and highly collectible tin battery op is in excellent WORKING condition. It operates on two 'D' cell batteries. The toy has miscellaneous scratches and scuffs, mostly from the removable top tin cover. Originally designed for use with hard candies or peanuts, I recommend small 3/8 diameter wooden or plastic beads. When the cover is removed, insert the beads into the funnel. When a coin (nickels work best) is inserted into the slot, the inside of the toy lights up, Mr. Vendor cranks his handle and rotates the open top drum. As the drum opening passes under the funnel, a couple bead 'candies' fall into the drum and are dispensed through the chute at the front of the toy and the light goes out.This is an awesomely cool and not often seen toy that will be the highlight of your battery-operated toy collection - sure to please! This toy has a rarity scale number of 9 (10 being rarest) and had a book value of $1200.00 (in mint condition) in 1994. This is an extremely fragile toy. The plastic candy funnel will be removed for shipping and the cavity will be filled with styro peanuts to keep the vendor well supported for travel.
  • Yonezawa Champions Racer Replica Box, Agajanian This is a brand new, high grade replica box for the large Champions Racer #98 car or the Agajanian Racer of the same size. A good friend lent me his pristine original box to take dimensions and photograph the image. As you can see, the artwork is flawless and crisp. I added a bit of distress to this example so that it would look more age appropriate to the car. (Car is NOT included and is NOT available for sale at this time. It is shown for clarity and to demonstrate fit inside the new box.) Much attention to detail was employed in the creation of this replica, such as the exact box dimensions, folded seam lines for all panels, the return legs for stapling, the correct image size, border reveal and so much more. The last 4 images are of a straight forward crisp box with now additional detailing or aging. I'll be happy to age and distress upon request. As you can see in my photos, the box looks fabulous when displayed with the Champions Racer.(not included) And because the box fits the car perfectly, it's an excellent bit of protection for moving or storage. Even if you don't have the car, the box is an excellent display piece! Very few original boxes exist and seldom show up for sale. When they do show up, they're almost as costly as the cars themselves. I only have a few of these fine reproductions available so don't hesitate. You won't be disappointed!

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