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  • Vintage 1960's Ohio Art Carnival Shooting Gallery in wonderful complete and working condition. Received as a birthday present when I was a kid, this large and heavy wind up tin toy has ducks on a conveyor belt that slowly pass in front of a circular spinning target. The original elastic belts are still in very good condition and the toy works well. It comes with two original dart guns and two original black shaft darts. An after market package of Ohio Art darts is included as the rubber tips are in good shape. This toy comes in the original box and shows wear and age but displays nicely. Beautiful full color litho gallery in extremely nice condition and rare to find with two original working dart guns/darts!
  • This is the Metaluna Mutant from the movie 'This Island Earth' back in the 1950's, I believe. This is a latex mask, very heavy (just under 10 pounds) and is approximately 20" tall. I believe this is the first version since 2000 and is increasingly more difficult to find.

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