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Toy Replacement Parts

Vintage Toy replacement parts | Best Toy replacement parts Online

Looking for Toy replacement parts Online? At Uncle Al’s vintage toy shop, you’ll find a huge collection of the best Toy replacement parts & parts to repair them.

Latest Replacement Toy Parts:

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  • Available ONLY through Uncle Al's Toys is this ALL TIN replica robot driver head for the rare 'Y' Company Space Patrol Car. This head was created from photographs of the auction car from the Griffith's Auction of 2000. Only two tabs held the original head to the toy, which is probably why so many heads were lost. Also available for this car are replacement hub caps and tinted windshield!
  • A reproduction metal cast canon barrel for the early 1900's Large Marklin battleships. The barrel will fit other battleships, like the Battleship New York and the Columbia. My cast barrels pick up all of the fine details of the original. I individually drill each barrel center to the correct inner diameter and add a tiny breach hole at the rear. The barrel measures 2" long. A barrel comes in a patina condition to reflect the condition of your toy, or it can be patinated as new for completely restored toy boats.I had the pleasure of performing intricate repairs on a Columbia Battleship from the Malcolm Forbes Collection. Other custom parts are available upon request.
  • A great replacement tire for the 1930's Tippco Mercedes Fuhrerwagen Staff Car. The tire is created from a mold taken of an original part. It is made of SOLID RUBBER and a perfect fit, just like the original. The tire can be purchased individually or in a set of five to complete one car. Other Tippco Mercedes parts are available.
  • This listing is for a new replacement rubber cap / plug for the mid 1970's Tomy Waterful Toys. The replacement cap/plug is an exact copy of an original part and is guaranteed to be a perfect fit. The cap fits perfectly and seals nicely as it is a soft rubber. You can also keep one in the spare compartment underneath, just like the toy originally came with. They are available in WHITE color only. Over time, they will change to a cream color just like the original caps. The black plugs shown were test pieces and are for reference and clarification. Not available anywhere else!There is quite a variety of Waterful Toy games, some of which you will find here. Tic Tac Toe, Ring Toss and many more that provide hours of fun. Some people assume the toy requires two rubber plugs because there is one on the bottom. It is a spare and serves no other purpose, but it never hurts to have two!
  • Alps Lincoln Futura Replacement Metal Antenna is an exact fitting replica of the original toy deck mounted antenna. This part will fit on all variations of the Alps Futura cars; friction, battery operated and remote control. The replacement antenna mounts to the toy using the same spring shaft configuration and is an easy install. Also available for this toy are the rubber tires and the metal steering wheel.The Alps Futura concept car is a stunning creation that is still popular today. Alps did a magnificent job of recreating this fine automobile in tin.
  • Alps Television Spaceman and Revolving Flashing (Door) Robot Replica Ears. These new red ears come as a set to complete your toy.  Simply glue in place with a few drops of super glue.
  • A nice replica Antenna for the Alps Television Spaceman Robot.
  • Alps Television Spaceman Robot Replica Face Shield. This new face shield is an exact copy of the original part and is a perfect fitting replacement that simply snaps into place. The part comes in clear and tinted pink. Contact us with your color choice after you make the purchase.  If your Face Shield is in good shape and you would like to only replace the EARS, we carry those separately.
  • An American National Mack Truck Gas Tank Replacement Cap. The cap was created from a mold taken of the original toy part. It is guaranteed to be a perfect fit.
  • This is a complete set (4PCS), two guitars and two drumsticks for the 1960's Aoshin ASC Monkee Mobile battery operated car. The original parts are so often broken or missing from this toy. These are cast replacements from a mold taken from original components and are a perfect fit. I also have replacement arms, bodies, heads, engine and scoop, voice box buttons and hubcaps for this toy with pictures and pricing to come.
  • Here we have a complete 4-piece replacement Peter Tork Guitar Player Figure for the large-scale battery-operated Pontiac GTO Monkeemobile. This exceptional toy comes from the manufacturer Aoshin ASC.Our Peter Tork figure comes in 4 pieces, just like the original. You will receive a figure with the body and arms in LIGHT BLUE and the head in FLESH TONE. We complete the figure with all of the paint details such as hair, hands and the shirt giving us a finished product closely resembling the original product. The figure also comes with mounting screws for attachment.
  • A replacement red button for the battery-operated sound box. If your Monkeemobile is missing this button, the sound mechanism is very hard to operate. Just a drop of Super Glue will bond the replacement button to the stem. The button is translucent red, just like the original. Many additional parts are available for this toy. Please keep looking at Uncle Al's!

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