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Antique Collectible Toys

Antique Collectible Toys | Buy the Best Antique Toys Online

Looking for Antique Collectible Toys Online? At Uncle Al’s vintage toy shop, you’ll find a huge collection of the best Antique Toys and parts to repair them.

  • 1930's Wyandotte Boat Tail Racer with Lights in excellent original condition with replacement lights and tires that have been patina aged to match the condition of the racer. The paint has original luster and moderate overall patina. The racer is missing the headlight bar and sold in as-is condition.
  • A 1950's Wyandotte Auto Transport Truck with 4 plastic cars. The toy is approximately 9" long and is an all-metal transport cab and trailer with 4 plastic vehicles in excellent condition!
  • 1950's Irwin Toys Spaceman wind up toy in beautiful replica box made in the USA. Spaceman is a plastic wind up toy just under 11" tall to the top of his antenna. When you wind him up he walks forward with a swaying motion and alternately swings his ray guns. This toy was molded in several colors, RED being one of the rarest. The arms of this toy are the common orange but the body is RED.
  • 72" Old World Santa from the Enchanted Forest Collection - Menards 2004

    2004 Menards Enchanted Forest Collection 72" Standing Santa Figure We purchased this beautiful, 6' tall Old World Santa figure from our local Menards store back in 2004. Santa is extremely lifelike with thick beard, piercing eyes and real glasses! His burgandy/sage hooded robe is full and soft, covering a full length golden inner garment. The body comes in two pieces that need to be assembled; held together by 4 wing nuts and mounted to a sturdy wooden base. We displayed this Santa in our home the first year after purchasing and he has been in climate controlled storage since. I have not been able to locate a finer, LIFE SIZE Santa anywhere in my searches. This particular Santa was only offered by Menards one year and then the item was retired, as is the case with most Menards Enchanted Forest items. This item is large in its original packing box - 44" X 24" X 17" and approximately 40 pounds. Local pick up in Los Alamitos, California is preferred or shipping by freight.
  • This is a wonderful Alps 'Auto Doggie' Mustang convertible battery operated  car, made in Japan. The toy is a 'Bump N' Go multi directional mover. Auto Doggie is in excellent working condition with the original driver and a replacement dog. (The other dog ran away . . .) When the toy is in play, the car moves about the room and the doggie barks and makes a jumping movement in the passenger seat.It's a large toy measuring 14" long and 5" wide. It is in excellent working condition and is always in a glass cabinet on display in my collection.
  • This is a 1960's Alps Battery Powered Hot Rod Custom 'T' Ford with 'Overheated Boiling Radiator', mint in the original box with inserts. The toy features Stop and Go action, vibrating action, lighted engine and 'smokey' boiling radiator. Extremely nice piece in excellent original condition.
  • Alps Windup Proud Peacock

    $175.00 IL Sales Tax 8%
    A nice Alps Windup Proud Peacock. The toy is all tin with rubber feet. When the toy is wound, the peacock walks and spreads his fan. He works wonderfully and would be a very nice addition to your tin toy collection.
  • Very nice Ha Ha Toys Astro Spaceman Robot in his original box is ready for action! Ha Ha Toys robots are known for having better quality gear systems than newer versions of this toy and are more sought after because of that. Batteries have been installed and the toy was hand tested for function and then promptly returned to the original packaging.Astro Spaceman Robot walks with swinging arms and his chest 'dash board' lights up.  He works great and looks even greater when functioning!This toy comes in its original box with inserts. It was removed for these photographs only.
  • Another wonderful friction car is the Bandai Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Convertible. This beautiful convertible is in excellent, fully working condition. A must have for collectors and enthusiasts alike!
  • Vintage 1960's Ohio Art Carnival Shooting Gallery in wonderful complete and working condition. Received as a birthday present when I was a kid, this large and heavy wind up tin toy has ducks on a conveyor belt that slowly pass in front of a circular spinning target. The original elastic belts are still in very good condition and the toy works well. It comes with two original dart guns and two original black shaft darts. An after market package of Ohio Art darts is included as the rubber tips are in good shape. This toy comes in the original box and shows wear and age but displays nicely. Beautiful full color litho gallery in extremely nice condition and rare to find with two original working dart guns/darts!
  • Comet Monorail Battery Operated Toy, TN Nomura Japan is in excellent working condition. This toy comes complete with metal track and the original box. The Monorail car operates on 'D' cell batteries. It features forward and reverse action and has red and green lights which correspond with the movement. The track layout is approximately 20" by 30". The Monorail car is suspended by the metal uprights and wire track that snap together to form the layout. The litho is bright and crisp and shows very light playwear overall.This toy was produced in the 1950's in Japan due in part to the popularity of the Disneyland Theme Park Monorail in California. It can be played with or used as an attractive display piece.
  • A Cragstan Piasecki Army Mule Helicopter battery-operated remote control in excellent, fully working condition.

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