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Antique Tin Toys

Antique Tin Toys | Vintage Collectibles & Restorations

Step back in time with antique tin toys from Uncle Al’s Toys. Our collection takes you on a journey to the golden era of playthings, offering a diverse array of vintage collectibles that captivate the hearts of toy enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just beginning your journey, our expert restoration services ensure that these timeless treasures shine once again. Embrace the charm of yesteryears and uncover the joy of antique tin toys at Uncle Al’s Toys.

  • Buy Doepke Model Toy  MG Replacement Seat at best Price

    This brand new replacement seat for the Doepke Model Toy is created from a mold taken of an original toy part and is guaranteed to fit perfectly. The seat has the same bosses with a drilled hole to accommodate screw on fastening just like original. The seat should be washed with soap and water to remove mold release agent before painting or adhering cloth. This seat is available no where else but here and is in stock.
  • Alps Television Spaceman Robot Replica Face Shield. This new face shield is an exact copy of the original part and is a perfect fitting replacement that simply snaps into place. The part comes in clear and tinted pink. Contact us with your color choice after you make the purchase.  If your Face Shield is in good shape and you would like to only replace the EARS, we carry those separately.
  • Marx Hootin' Hollow Haunted House Witch is a perfect reproduction of the original toy part. The replacement made from tin, decorated and mounts to the door just like original!Marx Hootin' Hollow Haunted House can be seen in a mid 1960's TV commercial featuring a spooky announcer and two children playing with the house. The actions are triggered by pressing the buttons on the side. A jumping cat, a witch behind the opening front door, a ghost floating in the air behind a lighted window. A scary window shade, a shaking roof with banging shutters, a skeleton that jumps out of the chimney. A spooky, eerie sound and a frightening loud whistling noise. All of these features are operated with 3 'D' cell batteries.
  • Alps Windup Proud Peacock

    $175.00 IL Sales Tax 8%
    A nice Alps Windup Proud Peacock. The toy is all tin with rubber feet. When the toy is wound, the peacock walks and spreads his fan. He works wonderfully and would be a very nice addition to your tin toy collection.
  • This is a wonderful, 1999 Fisher-Price Dino-roarrr TYRANNOSAURUS REX, mint carded toy. It is a newer version of the popular F-P 'Puffalump' dinosaurs. I nearly had a cow the first time my wife and I came upon our first 'Puffalump' dinosaur. He was so soft and squeezable. I just wasn't expecting the sound that came from the toy when squeezed. It starts out as a high shrill noise and slowly descends into a cooing, 'Aaah' sound. An absolute gas and I was immediately sold by its appeal to small children.I purchased this toy brand new in 1999 and have kept it in sealed stored condition. This guy comes to you in vivid GREEN. When squeezed, he opens his mouth and out comes the sound of a very content Dino-roar! Also available is and equally fun Triceratops in vivid PURPLE color. These toys are fabulous for collectors or for those parents who want to give their little ones cherished vintage gifts. Very few left in this condition that aren't already in private collections.
  • Yonezawa Atom Jet Racer Hubcap

    $55.00 IL Sales Tax 8%
    Replacement hubcap for the 1950's Yonezawa Atom Jet Racer. This hubcap is an exact copy of the originals. The hubcap is nickel plated and the Atom script is hand painted.
    The toy pictured is used to clarify the new parts in this listing and is NOT INCLUDED or for sale.
  • Dan Dare SS Eagle Spaceship CanopyDan Dare SS Eagle Spaceship Canopy for the tin friction rocket from Mettoy of Great Britton. This replacement canopy is an exact copy of an original toy part and is produced in amber tint. The canopy is a removable toy part that allows for flint sparking replacement. This new part contains all of the original flaws of the master part and looks tremendous! Uncle Al is the only toy specialist making this part in amber tint to match the original! Just snap it on and you're good to go.
  • Masudaya Queen of the Sea Replacement Tin Flag - This listing is for a replica tin flag for the Masudaya 'Queen of the Sea' battery operated tin ocean liner. This tin flag is a nearly exact replica of the original, almost always missing tin flag that fits to the rear of the ocean liner. A shoulder is machined onto the shaft so the flag sits and fits at the appropriate height.  Other parts are available for this toy such as the light blue radar antenna and the set of two clear dome light bulb covers. This great toy from the 1950's is such a nice, LARGE toy but many times nowadays when you find an example of this toy, it's missing some of these key, impossible to find pieces. Look no further, they're here at Uncle Al's!
  • Tommy-Ray Space Gun Replacement Bee Hive Battery Cap - A perfect fitting replacement Bee Hive Battery Cap for the B-W Molded Plastics Company 'Tommy-Ray Space Gun'. The space gun is a battery operated toy featuring a noisy, vibrating ray gun blast with a light up gun tip. The toy operates on two 'D' cell batteries. When batteries are inserted into the back of the gun, a folding brass contact tips up against the negative side of the battery and the Bee Hive Cap secures the brass tightly to the battery. Without the cap, the battery does not maintain contact.Due to the nature of the plastic used in manufacturing this toy, warping of the plastic battery opening often occurs in the absence of the cap. This issue can be remedied by applying medium heat with a heat gun or hair dryer completely around the battery opening, but not TOO much. *Be sure to remove the batteries before attempting this procedure!*  Once softened the cap can be used to round the opening once more by manipulating the tabs of the cap into the opening and allowing the warmed plastic to cool, but this process must be done quickly as the plastic cools quickly.Many Tommy-Ray Space Guns no longer work. There is little to no way to service them because of the adhesive and type of plastic used. They are literally fused together and I've yet to successfully separate one to date. With that being said, they are still excellent display toys when complete and REALLY look good with the matching helmet and box.
  • Pyro X-300 Space Cruiser REPRODUCTION Rocket ShipPyro X-300 Space Cruiser REPRODUCTION Rocket Ship - This is a brand new exact reproduction of the Pyro X-300 Space Cruiser manufactured by Uncle Al's Toys. A complete original toy was disassembled and molds were made of the individual pieces. As with the original, it features rolling wheels and an astronaut figure. These spaceships can be made in any color combination and more will be available here and on Ebay.The Pyro X-300 Space Cruiser is a beautiful, classic 1950's design that has withstood the test of time in it's popularity. Many different companies across the globe have taken this rocket and added there own design elements. Kleeware and Tudor Rose are two companies that offered this toy in color varieties. T. Cohn offered the rocket with their tin Space Port that would launch the rocket out of the garage and across the floor.Values continue to climb on original toys, making them somewhat unaffordable to new collectors which is why I decided to recreate the toy for those collectors. I will be making other X-300 variations myself with features such as battery operated lighting and friction/sparking drive.
  • This listing is for ONE REPLACEMENT REAR PLASTIC WING for the 1/10 scale battery operated Asahi Junior Toys Gold Leaf Lotus 49 Ford F-1 race car. The wing was created from a mold taken from an original toy part and is an exact copy of the original, perfect fitting and strong material. Many of these cars are missing this accessory and now there is this excellent replacement available from Uncle Al's Toys. Please note that this listing is for ONE WING ONLY - NO CAR. These parts are in stock and ready to ship!
  • A replacement antenna for the 1960's Sears Exclusive Bandai Area Radiation Tester. Modeled from pictures of an original toy part, the Antenna installs to the toy the just like the original. We have many other parts available for this toy!Sears Exclusive toys are highly sought after and extremely collectible because of their diverse subject matter and outstanding quality.  The Area Radiation Tester made its first and only appearance in the 1961 edition of the Sears Christmas Catalog as a Sears Exclusive toy. A truly unique and futuristic toy, the Area Radiation Tester is an action toy. Featuring Bump N Go movement, alternating flashing red and green light pods and an articulated radar arm that rises from the rear of the toy in a cloud of smoke! Operates on two 'D' cell batteries inserted into the bottom of the toy. To commence the action, simply slide the carefully hidden On/Off switch on the rear of the toy. The toy automatically comes to a full stop when the rising radar dish pops through the bay doors. Truly an amazing sight to view this toy in operation!

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