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Marusan Toys

  • Here is a nice set of replacement rubber grips for your Marusan Sunbeam motorcycle toy. These grips were reproduced from molds taken of original rubber grips and then re-cast in rubber for a perfect, tight fit and an exact reproduced part for authenticity. These will also fit the Bandai Meguro Motorcycle toys. Dramatically improve the look of your bikes if your grips are worn, old and split or just plain missing.
  • A wonderful Marusan, Japan Sunbeam Motorcycle with Sidecar battery-operated toy in excellent, fully working condition. The Sunbeam operates with two 'D' cell batteries inserted into the sidecar. The sidecar switch operates the headlight, red license plate, taillight and the front running light. Upon battery insertion and without operating the light switch, power is instantly available to the electric motor to power the bike. The bike operates by switch movement on the gas tank. First gear is slow speed, second gear for higher speed and neutral or 'off'. The front fork is steerable and can be positioned for straight or circular motoring direction.These were very sensitive and fragile toys and most became shelf displays due to mishandling. This toy has been thoroughly checked and adjusted for superior function. Truly a delight and a must have for motorcycle collectors and enthusiasts alike!

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