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Space Toys

  • Duromold Flying Saucer Bank Dome - This listing is for one replacement dome for the Duromold Flying Saucer Bank. This dome is an exact replica of the original part and is guaranteed to be a perfect fit! Just pop it on! The bank in the photographs is for display purposes only and not for sale.
  • Moon Mobile Scout Wagon Explorer Reproduction Box Sears Exclusive, Moon Mobile Scout Wagon Explorer Reproduction Box. A beautiful, faithfully reproduced high quality box for your collectible toy or for display. The Moon Mobile Scout toy was available through the Sears Christmas catalogs during the early 1960's and are amazing, complex toys for the era. The box art on the Sears Exclusives is collectible in its own right.
  • Pyro X-300 Space Cruiser REPRODUCTION Rocket ShipPyro X-300 Space Cruiser REPRODUCTION Rocket Ship - This is a brand new exact reproduction of the Pyro X-300 Space Cruiser manufactured by Uncle Al's Toys. A complete original toy was disassembled and molds were made of the individual pieces. As with the original, it features rolling wheels and an astronaut figure. These spaceships can be made in any color combination and more will be available here and on Ebay.The Pyro X-300 Space Cruiser is a beautiful, classic 1950's design that has withstood the test of time in it's popularity. Many different companies across the globe have taken this rocket and added there own design elements. Kleeware and Tudor Rose are two companies that offered this toy in color varieties. T. Cohn offered the rocket with their tin Space Port that would launch the rocket out of the garage and across the floor.Values continue to climb on original toys, making them somewhat unaffordable to new collectors which is why I decided to recreate the toy for those collectors. I will be making other X-300 variations myself with features such as battery operated lighting and friction/sparking drive.
  • The rare, Sensco  'TV Space Patrol Car' modeled after the famous Cadillac XP-74 concept car. Uncle Al's offers a beautiful replacement blue tinted canopy as well as the almost always missing  baby blue bumperette cones. Only found here!

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