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Toy Replacement Parts

  • A replacement tail fin for the Yoshiya SS Space Friction Rocket. It installs just as the original.
  • Yonezawa X-5 Space Tank Replica Antennas - These replacement antennas are two-piece spring and plastic ball parts modeled after original toy parts and are a guaranteed fit. You get one red ball antenna and one blue ball antenna.
  • Yonezawa Talking Robot Battery Door and Arm Buttons
  • Tin replacement battery box cover for the battery operated Yonezawa Electro Special 21 Racer.  These are often missing from the 21 cars. The tooling for this cover was created from an original cover to ensure a perfect, factory fit. The cover is primed and finished in an automotive lacquer that matches the Yonezawa black color and then polished. Just remove from the package and install on your car. Absolutely no disappointments with this part! Other parts are available for this toy. The toy pictured is used to clarify the part in this listing and is not for sale.
  • A Red Engine Nacelle Cover for the Yonezawa, Cragstan DC-7 Automatic Multi-Action Prop-Jet Plane. A high-quality replacement part created from a mold of an original toy part to guarantee a perfect fit. A drop of super glue will hold it in place. This plane was manufactured under different airline names and with different features. We offer a wide variety of additional replacement parts for the different varieties. Common to all the planes is the white antenna mounted behind the cockpit and the red beacon lens. We also offer the white propellers with round or square tip.
  • Yonezawa Cragstan DC-7, Automatic Multi-Action Prop-Jet Plane, replacement ANTENNA, fits the large scale battery operated prop planes by Yonezawa, American Airlines DC-7, United Airlines DC-7, TWA Airlines DC-7, Northwest Airlines DC-7, Eastern Airlines DC-7.  This high quality replacement part is created from a mold of an original toy part to ensure the greatest accuracy. A drop of super glue will hold it in place and is guaranteed to be a perfect fit! As this toy was manufactured with many different features and airline names, we offer a wide variety of additional replacement parts. Common to all the planes is the red beacon lens listed separately here in the toy parts category. Also available are the white propellers ( round tip and square tip), and red nacelle engine covers.
  • flexible, plastic propeller for the battery-operated Cragstan or Yonezawa DC-7 aircraft toy. Created from a mold of an original toy part to guarantee a perfect fit. The replacement prop is a bit more flexible than the original material. The wings must be disassembled in order to correctly install the propeller. Parts are available for other versions of the DC-7. The square tip propeller, the translucent red beacon lenses, white radar antennas and the translucent red engine covers.
  • Yonezawa Conehead Replacement Ears & Tip
  • Yanoman Space Scout S-17 Space Toy replacement metal antenna.
  • XM-12 Moon Rocket - Yonezawa - Replacement Cockpit Canopy - Perfect fit replacement, orange color molded just like original! You get one switch ball exactly as shown. The ball can be glued onto the switch with super glue to hold it fast.  Our switch ball was created from a mold taken of an excellent condition original part in order to provide you the finest nearly exact copy available. We also offer other parts for this toy and are experts in it's repair and restoration. We will be offering replacement snap on tin fins and the twist on rear plated exhaust with light in the very near future!
  • XM-12 Moon Rocket - Yonezawa - Replacement Rubber Nose Cone and Fin Tips - Perfect fit replacement rubber parts just like original! The rubber nose cone is cast to fit tightly  but in the same contour of the rocket tip. The rubber fin tips just pop in. You may need to poke the old rubber bases out of the way to fit the base of the new tips into the holes. Make your XM-12 Moon Rocket a real show stopper again with these great replacement rubber parts. They are made of the same grade material as the original parts and can be installed without taking your toy apart. Also available for this toy are the crystal clear canopy. 'On/Off' ball switch and rocket engine celluloid windows. 
  • Vintage Toy Masters Space Survey Jeep Replacement Antenna.The Toy Masters Space Survey Jeep friction toy sometimes comes with a tin astronaut driver, but always has a telescope that swings back and forth. A shaft protrudes vertically through the rear of the telescope and the antenna will rotate 360 degrees when mounted atop that shaft.Uncle Al's also fabricates the replacement telescope and cradle assembly for this toy.

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