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Vintage Toy Store

Vintage Toy Store

  • Available ONLY through Uncle Al's Toys is this ALL TIN replica robot driver head for the rare 'Y' Company Space Patrol Car. This head was created from photographs of the auction car from the Griffith's Auction of 2000. Only two tabs held the original head to the toy, which is probably why so many heads were lost. Also available for this car are replacement hub caps and tinted windshield!
  • A reproduction metal cast canon barrel for the early 1900's Large Marklin battleships. The barrel will fit other battleships, like the Battleship New York and the Columbia. My cast barrels pick up all of the fine details of the original. I individually drill each barrel center to the correct inner diameter and add a tiny breach hole at the rear. The barrel measures 2" long. A barrel comes in a patina condition to reflect the condition of your toy, or it can be patinated as new for completely restored toy boats.I had the pleasure of performing intricate repairs on a Columbia Battleship from the Malcolm Forbes Collection. Other custom parts are available upon request.
  • 1930's Strauss Tin Litho Wind-up Inter-State Bus (Green version) - Produced by the Ferdinand Strauss Company of New York. The The litho shows normal play wear and the wind-up mechanism has a built-in key that is in good working order.
  • A great replacement tire for the 1930's Tippco Mercedes Fuhrerwagen Staff Car. The tire is created from a mold taken of an original part. It is made of SOLID RUBBER and a perfect fit, just like the original. The tire can be purchased individually or in a set of five to complete one car. Other Tippco Mercedes parts are available.
  • 1930's Wyandotte Boat Tail Racer with Lights in excellent original condition with replacement lights and tires that have been patina aged to match the condition of the racer. The paint has original luster and moderate overall patina. The racer is missing the headlight bar and sold in as-is condition.
  • A 1950's Wyandotte Auto Transport Truck with 4 plastic cars. The toy is approximately 9" long and is an all-metal transport cab and trailer with 4 plastic vehicles in excellent condition!
  • Just like the original, this fin is faithfully recreated in tin. To make each half of the fin shape, custom stamping dies were created from an original Atom Jet fin. The halves are hand-assembled, and each new fin is then pre-fitted to an original toy ensuring accuracy and a perfect fit.We complete the fin with paint colors matching as close as possible to the original colors. The results are undeniable and sure to please.Installation is a breeze because the fin snaps easily into place like the original.*WE MAKE EACH FIN TO ORDER, SO PLEASE ALLOW EIGHT WEEKS FOR COMPLETION.*
  • Battery-operated, remote-control Crane toy, made in Japan by SKK Toy. SKK would later collaborate with Bandai Toys to create some of the most detailed and mechanically diverse toys of that time. This toy has forward and reverse motion and crane performs lifting action, as well as directional steering via the corded remote. This toy is in excellent, fully working condition and is quite rare to find.
  • A 1952 Gama Cadillac 300 tin friction powered toy in excellent original condition. Red body paint with a white tin roof. This toy has been in my personal collection for several years and will be a beautiful addition to any tin toy car collector's fleet.
  • A 1960's Marx Bristol 188 XF926 Jet Aeroplane. A very clean battery-operated toy in excellent working condition. The Bristol 188 XF-926 Jet airplane was made in Japan and was modeled after an experimental aircraft designed by and made by the Bristol Aircraft Company in the 1950's. The toy engines "power up" and light up one after the other. The jet then taxis along for a short distance, stops and repeats. One of the many Marx battery operated fighting jets in amazing condition!
  • 1965 Tonka Dump Truck No. 315

    $373.75 IL Sales Tax 8%
    A near mint 1950s Tonka Dump Truck No. 315 with its original box and a small sale sheet featuring a Tonka construction hat. The box has age wear from being in a basement for years but is sturdy and sound. The red/yellow color combination truck shows no playwear, and the tires are perfect. There's a slight tinge of oxidation on the front bumper. Not terrible, but worth mentioning to the discerning collector. Also included is a little promo sheet that came with the toy, offering a value discount on the purchase of a Tonka hardhat.
  • 1968 Dodge Dart 440 GTS diecast

    Produced by Ertl in 2005, the 1968 Dodge Dart 440 GTS diecast model car 1:18 scale is part of a Limited Edition of 2500 cars. A true-to-scale replica of MOPAR Champion Ron Mancini's bumble bee-striped SS/EA 440 Dart, which on its first time out created a new class record of 12.02, 118 mph. Ron drove it to the world record and second place overall in national points in 1968 and was only edged out by another Dodge in the last race of the season.This diecast model is No 7 in the Series and features opening doors and trunk, removable front hood, chrome accents, real rubber tires and a beautifully detailed interior. The dimensions of the car are approximately L-10.5, W-4.25, H-3 inches. The window box dimensions are L-13.75 x W-6.5 x H-5.75 inches. The model is still in its original packaging with the plastic banding still around the model. It was never displayed and the box shows minimal storage wear. A must have for true collectors!

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