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July 1, 2022


  • Peter Porpoise Puzzle Toy by Child Guidance Toys. There are 12 unbreakable, colorful pieces that create a cute porpoise when assembled correctly. Peter Porpoise also floats in water. . The toy is in great shape. The box shows wear and has been taped in spots.
  • A three-piece set of replacement bar bottles for the Sonsco Western Badman, Red Gulch Bar battery operated toy. These bottles are exclusive to the Badman toy. The toy originally came with three bottles as shown, often found missing from the toy when comes up for sale.
  • Yone Bird on a Perch Birdhouse Tin Wind Up Toy in excellent working condition. Wind it up and watch the bird move and chirp. The litho shows some minor playwear.  Check out the video in the picture gallery.The Birdhouse is a charming and whimsical tin wind-up toy that captures the essence of classic toy design. This delightful collectible, crafted by the renowned Yone company, is the timeless appeal of mechanical toys.
  • Texaco Fire Chief, Fire Engine Truck, 1960s AMF WEN MAC Made in USA with the original box and original parts. The fire truck was made in the USA in the early 1960's. This toy was a premium purchase that was available at Texaco Gasoline Service Stations and was wildly popular due to its impressive 25" in length.The toy comes with a garden hose attachment. When used in conjunction with the two rubber side mounted hoses and attached at the pump point on the side of the engine, the water cannon on the rear will dispense a spray for realistic play! A very nice condition toy that has never been used with water. The metal is crisp and rust free. This makes for an incredible display piece as it is in very near mint condition with its illustrated accessory bag.
  • Yonezawa Lincoln Sundeck Convertible XL 500 - This stunning, friction drive concept car is a very rare and desirable TEAL color model. The Sundeck is more commonly seen in a bright red or bright blue color. This is one of the many Yonezawa concept tin friction cars made in the late 1950's. The original tinted canopy is in remarkable original condition and the toy finish has very few minor imperfections. Very little tire wear, excellent friction power and the faint painted script is quite clear on the bottom side of the car. This is one of Uncle's most prized possessions!For those that already own a Sundeck and need a replacement canopy, Uncle Al's Toys is your only source for a replacement!
  • This is a beautiful, all original, Mechanical Bank J&E Stevens BALD EAGLE & Eaglets c. 1883. In wonderful operating condition with the original 'chirp' box. When the coin is inserted into the eagle's beak and the 'snake' lever is rotated, mother eagle tilts forward and drops the coin into the nest with the eaglets. A 'chirp' noise is emitted to complete the coin drop cycle.The finish on the bank is still vibrant and excellent. A very nice and rare color scheme is hand painted on the bank. As all of the J E Stevens banks are hand painted, no two are alike and greatly adds to their collectability.
  • Nylint "Do It Best" Home Improvement Semi Truck and Trailer new in box. The truck's cab is made out of plastic and pressed steel. The trailer is all pressed steel. The side of the trailer reads DO IT BEST home improvement products, Best Quality, Best Value, Best Selection. The side and front of the cab reads DO IT BEST ALL ACROSS AMERICA. I purchased this example from the 'Do It Best', Roselle (Illinois) Lumber Company on Irving Park Road in the late 1990's. There is a special vertical Roselle Lumber magnetic business card attached to the front of the trailer. This almost qualifies as a private label toy, never removed from its original packaging.
  • Schylling New York Express Train Wind Up Tin Toy new in the box. Complete with the wind-up key and an airplane on a metal rod that flies over the city. The toy is in mint condition. Check out the video.
  • RARE, Energy Miser novelty toy was created by Poynter Products in 1978. The toy is battery operated. Check out the video and watch how the Energy Miser hand reaches out to turn off the switch handle each time it is turned on. An extremely hard to come by Poynter Products exclusive! This unit comes as shown, without its original box.
  • This is a RARE, Full House Productions (2011) Jack In The Boxxx Limited Edition Series 1. As you turn the crank, the melody XXX plays until the jester pops up with a 1 finger salute. A very naughty and impossible to find gift! I believe this was a very short-lived company, as there is no current information regarding their current status or other products offered, making this a truly unique item. Risque humor very reminiscent of the Poynter Products Novelty Company.
  • A 1950s Noma Lites Village Church lighted windup musical display.  The church features faux stained-glass windows, a bell in the church steeple and flocked bottle brush trees surrounding it. The music box winds in the back and plays Silent Night. Both the music box and the interior light are in good working condition. This is the largest Noma Church display from the 1950's.The display is made of a light weight plastic in fairly good condition overall. There appears to be a crack in the front right snowy corner, but the display is intact and beautiful. Please be sure to watch the video and check out all of the photos! The church comes packaged in its original shipping box. The box is in excellent condition and the shipping tag features all of the shipping information, including the date it was mailed. A true Christmas Time Capsule and a really beautiful piece!
  • 1957 Tonka TFD Aerial Hook and Ladder Fire Truck No 5, highly prized by Tonka collectors. The pressed steel fire truck is in original, unrestored condition, shows light playwear and is complete with ladders. A must have for your pressed steel toy collection!Discover the Best Vintage Toys OnlineFind the Best Vintage Toys from Various Product CategoriesBest Selling Toys | Action Figure ToysAntique Toy Parts | Battery Operated Toys | Custom Toys | Diecast Toys | Dinosaur Toys | Holiday Toys & Decorations | Original Toy Parts | Other Toys & Antiques | Remote Control Toys | Space Toys | Toy Banks | Toy Car | Toy Guns | Toy Model Kits | Toy Replacement Parts | Toy Robots | Transportation ToysWind Up ToysJoin us on social media.Facebook | Instagram LinkedIn Twitter 

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