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July 1, 2022


  • Looney Tunes/Warner Bros. 'Marvin's Countdown Rock-O-Tron' Marvin Martian Rocket Ship Game from the movie Space Jamb with Michael Jordan. Cool rocket ship basketball game that stands about 15" tall and comes with a Marvin figure. This was released in 1996.
  • Extremely nice and mint in the box is this Rescue Robot R-1 from Rocket USA and made in China. This robot first came to my attention years ago when it was featured in a Duracell Battery commercial and I knew right then I had to have one. This version is quite a bit harder to find than the subsequent R-1 robots to hit the market. Very simple battery toy which features Bump n Go action, flashing top light and eyes and clasping hands. R-1 operates on two 'AA' size batteries.
  • Vintage 1960's Ohio Art Carnival Shooting Gallery in wonderful complete and working condition. Received as a birthday present when I was a kid, this large and heavy wind up tin toy has ducks on a conveyor belt that slowly pass in front of a circular spinning target. The original elastic belts are still in very good condition and the toy works well. It comes with two original dart guns and two original black shaft darts. An after market package of Ohio Art darts is included as the rubber tips are in good shape. This toy comes in the original box and shows wear and age but displays nicely. Beautiful full color litho gallery in extremely nice condition and rare to find with two original working dart guns/darts!
  • Large 20" long 1962 Chevrolet Corvette remote control car with opening doors, working headlights, tail lights and FM radio and custom automotive paint finish in true GM colors, Tuxedo Black, Fawn Beige, Roman Red, Ermine White, Almond Beige, Sateen Silver, Honduras Maroon. The car moves forward and reverse, left and right steering and the lights and radio operate from micro switches on the console. I've placed the car next to a Pocher Fiat so that you can get an idea of it's size. Loads of fun and pretty too!1962 Corvette
  • This is a complete set (4PCS), two guitars and two drumsticks for the 1960's Aoshin ASC Monkee Mobile battery operated car. The original parts are so often broken or missing from this toy. These are cast replacements from a mold taken from original components and are a perfect fit. I also have replacement arms, bodies, heads, engine and scoop, voice box buttons and hubcaps for this toy with pictures and pricing to come.
  • Here we have a replacement windows for the battery-operated Horikawa Space Station. The replacement windows are vacuum formed of the same thickness clear plastic as the originals for a perfect fit.
  • Tippco 1930's Mercedes Fuhrerwagen Staff Car Replacement Hood Ornament created from an original piece and made of cast metal. Installs just like the as original.
  • Vintage Toy Masters Space Survey Jeep Replacement Antenna.The Toy Masters Space Survey Jeep friction toy sometimes comes with a tin astronaut driver, but always has a telescope that swings back and forth. A shaft protrudes vertically through the rear of the telescope and the antenna will rotate 360 degrees when mounted atop that shaft.Uncle Al's also fabricates the replacement telescope and cradle assembly for this toy.
  • 1950's Yonezawa Japan Atom Jet Racer, 30 " friction space concept car replacement two piece cowl lights, molded from the original parts for a perfect fit and perfect color. These are available with either flat face orange cone or pointed orange cone with gray plastic back end.The original toy cone parts have a fine male and female thread that screw together. My replacements work EXACTLY the same way to provide you the greatest authenticity when restoring your collectible Atom Jet!
  • A reproduction metal cast canon barrel for the early 1900's Large Marklin battleships. The barrel will fit other battleships, like the Battleship New York and the Columbia. My cast barrels pick up all of the fine details of the original. I individually drill each barrel center to the correct inner diameter and add a tiny breach hole at the rear. The barrel measures 2" long. A barrel comes in a patina condition to reflect the condition of your toy, or it can be patinated as new for completely restored toy boats.I had the pleasure of performing intricate repairs on a Columbia Battleship from the Malcolm Forbes Collection. Other custom parts are available upon request.
  • A wonderful, 1999 Fisher Price 'Dino-roarrr' TRICERATOPS, mint carded plush toy. It is a newer version of the popular Fisher Price 'Puffalump' dinosaur. I nearly had a cow the first time my wife and I came upon our first 'Puffalump' dinosaur. He was so soft and squeezable. I just wasn't expecting the sound that came from the toy when squeezed. It starts out as a high shrill noise and slowly descends into a cooing, 'Aaah' sound. An absolute gas and I was immediately sold by its appeal to small children.The toy was purchased brand new in 1999 and it has been kept in sealed stored condition. This guy comes to you in vivid PURPLE. When squeezed, he opens his mouth and out comes the sound of a very content Dino-roar! Also available is and equally fun Tyrannosaurus Rex in vivid ORANGE color. These toys are fabulous for collectors or for those parents who want to give their little ones cherished vintage gifts. Very few left in this condition that aren't already in private collections.\
  • 1939 Ideal Novelty and Toy Company SUPERMAN Figure Replacement HEAD - This is a replacement head for the 1939 Ideal Novelty and Toy Company, Superman composition toy/doll figure. This is the first known Superman toy and they are extremely rare and in high demand.This replacement head was created from a mold made of an original head. This resin cast replacement comes with a metal loop inside, just as original, so that it will accept the spring and metal  hook that comprise the flexible joints of the legs.The replacement head is hand detailed, and airbrush painted to resemble the original finish. This part is available nowhere else!Please allow 14 days from the time of ordering and purchase as these are made to order.

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