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July 1, 2022


  • Tippco 1930's Mercedes Fuhrerwagen Staff Car Replacement Hood Ornament created from an original piece and made of cast metal. Installs just like the as original.
  • Pyro X-300 Space Cruiser rocket ship clear replacement nose cone, crystal clear and easily snaps in place like the original. Other parts are available for this toy as well as the Pyro X-400.
  • Marx Captain Space Solar Scout Rifle REPLACEMENT CLEAR LENS. Crystal clear and screws on just like the original. Listing is for the CLEAR LENS ONLY, gun shown for identification and clarity only. These are in stock and ready to ship.
  • Bandai Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 'Flying Lady' hood ornament replica, faithfully reproduced to fit exactly like the original installation. I cast my replica from an original ornament. Unlike the replacements offered by my competitors, my 'Flying Lady' still has her head . . .*PLEASE NOTE* You may have to disassemble the toy in order to install this part, depending on whether or not the original emblem was pulled completely out or snapped off. If a piece is still showing on the top of the radiator shell, you can carefully trim the emblem base with an exacto knife and push the remainder of the shaft through the hole. The new ornament can be glued in place rather than opening the toy. These are in stock and ready to go!
  • A replica cap compartment cover for the 1950's Ideal Atomic Machine Gun. This cap is near perfect and almost a dead ringer for the often missing plug. The fit is tested on my own toy and an original stack of 5 Kilgore Roll Caps (not included) is inserted and then capped. I believe the original cap was a hollow injection molded part and quite flimsy, which is why they're almost always missing. I still resin cast my part but I designed it to be solid with the exterior look of the original.Please ask if you're looking for or need custom parts!
  • A 1960's Aoshin ASC Batmobile battery operated toy Batmobile in excellent working condition. It's a 'Mystery Action', bump n' go style toy that requires two 'D' cell batteries for operation.Batman and Robin figures in the cockpit sit below the slow timed, flashing beacon light. A faster flashing light emits through the rocket tubes and red turbine lens in the rear. An extremely cool Batman collectible in beautiful shape!
  • A 1950s Noma Lites Village Church lighted windup musical display.  The church features faux stained-glass windows, a bell in the church steeple and flocked bottle brush trees surrounding it. The music box winds in the back and plays Silent Night. Both the music box and the interior light are in good working condition. This is the largest Noma Church display from the 1950's.The display is made of a light weight plastic in fairly good condition overall. There appears to be a crack in the front right snowy corner, but the display is intact and beautiful. Please be sure to watch the video and check out all of the photos! The church comes packaged in its original shipping box. The box is in excellent condition and the shipping tag features all of the shipping information, including the date it was mailed. A true Christmas Time Capsule and a really beautiful piece!
  • Shooting Cowboy in a Barrel is a rare, battery-operated, wired remote-controlled tinplate toy made by Swallow Toys, Japan. Features 3 actions: the barrel moves forward; the cowboy raises up and shoots the guns that also light up. Then, he drops back into the barrel and moves a little closer to his target! This is a next to impossible to find, rare cowboy battery operated toy that becomes a hallmark piece for serious collectors!
  • Yone Bird on a Perch Birdhouse Tin Wind Up Toy in excellent working condition. Wind it up and watch the bird move and chirp. The litho shows some minor playwear.  Check out the video in the picture gallery.The Birdhouse is a charming and whimsical tin wind-up toy that captures the essence of classic toy design. This delightful collectible, crafted by the renowned Yone company, is the timeless appeal of mechanical toys.
  • Sonsco Red Gulch Bar, Western Badman Battery Operated Toy in mint condition. The Western Badman, Red Gulch Bar battery operated toy is a great, all-time favorite and prized collectible by vintage battery toy enthusiasts. The toy operates with two 'D' cell batteries inserted into the base.When the toy is activated, the desperado lifts his beer mug, gets 'red faced', turns his head and lifts his gun to take a shot at the bartender. The bartender swings to the side to avoid the shot while smoke exits the gun barrel. This is a continuous action toy in excellent working condition. Please watch our YouTube video of this marvelous toy in action!The Red Gulch Bar, aka: Western Badman is from the 1950's and comes with three mint whiskey bottles for atop the bar. The bottles are in the original bag. Be sure to check out the video!This is an extremely rare toy and hard to find with all original accessories.
  • The Schylling San Francisco Tours is a vintage musical tin windup toy modeled after the 1930's Marx Honeymoon Express. Wind it up and watch the airplane and train circle the city while it plays the song, I Left My Heart in San Francisco. The toy is in mint condition and includes the Certificate of Authenticity, Item No. 5348. The original box insert is included, and the box shows only minor shelf ware.Schylling San Francisco Tours Wind Up Tin Toy new in the box. Complete with the wind-up key and an airplane on a metal rod that flies over the city. The toy is in mint condition. Check out the video.
  • Schylling New York Express Train Wind Up Tin Toy new in the box. Complete with the wind-up key and an airplane on a metal rod that flies over the city. The toy is in mint condition. Check out the video.
  • A three-piece set of replacement bar bottles for the Sonsco Western Badman, Red Gulch Bar battery operated toy. These bottles are exclusive to the Badman toy. The toy originally came with three bottles as shown, often found missing from the toy when comes up for sale.
  • TN Nomura Firefly Bug No. 4634 magic action battery operated toy with bump and go action. Slide the switch to the "On" position and watch the firefly move around with the tail light blinking and the clear, tinted wings flapping. Firefly requires one 'D' cell battery inserted into the base.Firefly Bug comes with the original box in fair condition. The toy has beautiful lithography and colors and is in excellent working condition. Please watch our YouTube video to see Firefly in action!
  • Marx Plush Bengali Tiger, Remote Control, Battery Operated in excellent working condition. Check out the video of this growling prowling tiger. The tiger is near mint with a complete bright fur covering and clean remote control battery box. The whiskers are original, and the Marx logo sticker is attached to his belly. Movements include a realistic walking action while his head moves from side to side, and a loud growl as he raises his head.
  • Mr. Christmas Ornament Santa's Lighted Animated Tree Top for your Christmas Tree. Made in 1994, this novel ornament is part of the Mr. Christmas Mechanical Collectibles. Plug it in and watch Santa turn and wave his lighted lantern. Quality construction and in good working condition. Removed from the box for testing purposes only. This is new and unused.
  • Vintage Handmade Bronze Wiking Ship by Edward Aagaard for Copenhagen Iron Art. This listing is for a patinated bronze Viking Ship made by Edward Aagaard for Iron Art in Copenhagen, Denmark. Beautifully crafted and detailed model with a dragon head on the bow and its tail on the stern. Shields are molded into each side of the boat and are not removable. The mast and bench seat are made of wood and the sail is made of copper with a depiction of a bird in the center of the sail. The boat is intact and complete. It is stamped Iron Art Copenhagen on the rudder.  Measures approximately 16 inches long and 13.5 inches tall. Wooden boat stand included.
  • Made in Japan. An old family favorite and an excellent Holiday gift! Santa rings his bell to usher in the Christmas spirit!
  • Cragstan Great Astronaut Robot

    $1,719.25 IL Sales Tax 8%
    Beautiful, Cragstan Great Astronaut robot toy in excellent, original condition. Great Astronaut is very similar to the Alps Television Space Man Robot, featuring a rotating space scene in his chest, with swaying arms as he walks. He operates on 2 'D' cell batteries in his back oxygen tanks. This is a must have 'holy grail' robot for true vintage robot and space toy collectors.
  • Marx Linemar Feeding Bird Watcher Battery Operated Toy is in excellent, 100% complete working condition. Baby birds chirp with opening beaks while mother bird swings in from her limb perch to drop worm breakfast to the little ones. A very vivid and imagination driven toy for all ages! Feeding Bird Watcher operates on two 'D' cell batteries installed in the base.
  • Tamiya Solar Powered Dragonfly Kit Plastic Model #76007-3000. Utilizes a cam and crank mechanism powered by a solar motor and panel to create the realistic dragonfly wing action. To gain more direct solar light, you can adjust the solar panel to different angles. Recommended for ages 10 and older.
  • Features a detailed interior, Mickey Thompson "Sportsman" tires, and a dual overhead cam "Hemi" engine.
  • Features SS graphics, 454 SS wheels, exclusive interior and detailed 454 cu. in. engine.
  • Model is 9.25" long. Blue, clear and plated parts. Features detailed body, chassis and interior, hood opens to show the massive 440 c.i. V-8 engine. Uncle Al's favorite dream car, opened and inspected by Uncle and guaranteed complete!
  • Tommy Ivo 2 Engine Dragster. One of 5000 made by GMP in 2004. 1:18 scale. No. 14008. An exact model car intended for adult collectors. Not suitable for children under 14 years of age. Bonus DVD is missing. Beautiful die cast model car in pristine condition.
  • Lindberg Little Red Wagon 1:25 Plastic Model Kit #72158. Molded in hi-gloss plastic so no painting is necessary. Offers 2 fully detailed engine choices and hemi-head racing 426. Also features vinyl tires and clicks, detailed interior, opening hinged doors, and chrome plated parts.
  • A new replacement small driver for the Marx Race Cars requiring a smaller driver with a single mounting pin. The part is cast in the white color as shown.Please see my other listing offering the dual mounting pin driver. It is a bit larger and fits the larger race cars and roadsters. These replacement drivers are the nicest available and fit perfectly just as the originals.
  • A wonderful 1950s wind-up key mechanical tricycle riding Santa Claus toy. There is a balloon on the back of the bell and a Merry Christmas flag. Wind up the toy and watch Santa ride in a circular motion while the bell rings.
  • Masudaya Space Capsule 6 1960s Japan Green Suit, Japan in the 1960s. It is a large space toy with multiple actions: whistling noise, revolving flashing light, bump and go action, and the astronaut moves back and forth in his chair. The toy measures 10" long and 5.5" high. Battery operated. Works perfectly. This toy has been in my personal toy collection for almost 20 years and is in wonderful condition. Variations of this toy offer the astronaut figure in a RED space suit, which is the most common version and this one here, which is the astronaut in a GREEN space suit and is considered the rarer version.
  • Pan Am Boeing 747SP. Model No. 773BL Battery Operated Hong Kong 1980s. Flashing light and real engine sound. For ages 5 and over.
  • Alps G-AMHK Helicopter w/original box is a battery-operated toy with multiple actions. The helicopter goes forward and reverse using the red buttons on the remote. There is a working light in the two-pilot cockpit. The top rotors and tail rotors work, and the green slide operates the front wheels for the steering feature. The toy measures 14" long and 6" high. This is an extremely authentic miniature version of the real Westland helicopter. The original box is in excellent condition with the exception of one corner split from age. From my personal aircraft collection.
  • Smithsonian Jet-Works. Build a working model of a jet engine. You control the thrust and turbine speed. Battery operated moving parts and lights. Includes 35" x 23" color poster.
  • Sears Big Toy Box Steel Guitar. The 26" guitar looks like a real electric guitar. The body is made of steel with an attractive sun-burst finish. There are 6 steel strings and metal tuning gears to help keep the strings tuned and ready to play.Comes with the original pick and instruction booklet. This would make an excellent gift for a guitar enthusiast or as an introductory teaching toy for a youngster showing enthusiasm and interest in music.
  • Lunar module model kit

    Revell Tranquility Base Apollo 11 Lunar Module Model Kit, in new, unbuilt condition. The box has slight shelf wear but the contents are complete and mint.
  • A wonderful, 1999 Fisher-Price Dino-roarrr TRICERATOPS, mint carded dinosaur toy. It is a newer version of the popular Fisher Price 'Puffalump' dinosaur. Dino-roars have a soft, squeezable body and makes a high shrill noise that slowly descends into a cooing, 'Aaah' sound. A fun and appealing toy for small children.This vivid orange Dino-roarrr was purchased brand new in 1999 and was kept in sealed stored condition. When squeezed, he opens his mouth and out comes the sound of a very content Dino-roarrr! Also available is an equally fun Triceratops in vivid PURPLE color. These toys are fabulous for collectors or for those parents who want to give their little ones cherished vintage gifts. Very few left in this condition that aren't already in private collections.
  • A 1960's Marx Bristol 188 XF926 Jet Aeroplane. A very clean battery-operated toy in excellent working condition. The Bristol 188 XF-926 Jet airplane was made in Japan and was modeled after an experimental aircraft designed by and made by the Bristol Aircraft Company in the 1950's. The toy engines "power up" and light up one after the other. The jet then taxis along for a short distance, stops and repeats. One of the many Marx battery operated fighting jets in amazing condition!

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