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July 1, 2022


  • Here is a mint condition Smoking Robot tin battery toy from the Schylling Collectors Series. The Smoking Robot has been a favorite among collectors for years, with its hefty stature, dual battery legs and thick smoking action.This toy has only been opened to photograph and is in perfect shape. It requires 2 'D' cell batteries for operation.
  • Old Fashioned Double Decker Bus by Modern ToysThe Old Fashioned Double Decker Bus by Modern Toys of Japan is a wonderful, large size battery operated tin bus that is new in its original box. The toy is complete with box inserts. It operates on 2 'D' cell batteries (not included) and features bump n go action. This is a beautiful mint condition toy fresh from my personal collection and is sure to please!The Double Decker Bus is a wonderful example of the standard mode of transportation of the early 20th century. The Double Decker Bus was and still is commonly used for tourism in America as well as Europe.This toy bus has many features such as mystery action, sounding horn and engine sound  and funny shaking action as it rolls on its journey. This marvelous toy has never been out of the box and never seen a battery since the factory. As good as these toys get!
  • Another one of my personal favorites is this fabulous TN/Nomura/Baravelli Sonic Car Dodge Charger in 100% original condition and in the original box with insert foam blocks. The Sonic whistle has never been removed from it's plastic bag. Each blow of the whistle commands the car to perform a different function, forward, reverse, left and right and finally for the machine guns to propel out of the roof of the car with bright flashing muzzle fire! Unique and again, a large 15" long by 6" wide and 5" tall. There is slight oxidation on the brightwork trim of the car but overall is just stunning! Operates on 2 'D' cell and 1 9volt battery.
  • Yonezawa Champions Racer Replica Box, Agajanian This is a brand new, high grade replica box for the large Champions Racer #98 car or the Agajanian Racer of the same size. A good friend lent me his pristine original box to take dimensions and photograph the image. As you can see, the artwork is flawless and crisp. I added a bit of distress to this example so that it would look more age appropriate to the car. (Car is NOT included and is NOT available for sale at this time. It is shown for clarity and to demonstrate fit inside the new box.) Much attention to detail was employed in the creation of this replica, such as the exact box dimensions, folded seam lines for all panels, the return legs for stapling, the correct image size, border reveal and so much more. The last 4 images are of a straight forward crisp box with now additional detailing or aging. I'll be happy to age and distress upon request. As you can see in my photos, the box looks fabulous when displayed with the Champions Racer.(not included) And because the box fits the car perfectly, it's an excellent bit of protection for moving or storage. Even if you don't have the car, the box is an excellent display piece! Very few original boxes exist and seldom show up for sale. When they do show up, they're almost as costly as the cars themselves. I only have a few of these fine reproductions available so don't hesitate. You won't be disappointed!
  • Here we have a complete 4 piece replacement Michael Nesmith Driver Figure for the large scale battery-operated Pontiac GTO Monkeemobile. This exceptional toy comes from the manufacturer Aoshin ASC.Our figure comes in 4 pieces, just like the original.  You will receive a figure with the body and arms in LIGHT ORANGE and the head in FLESH TONE, so it closely matches the original. We complete the figure with all of the paint details such as hair, hands and the shirt giving us a finished product closely resembling the original product. The figure also comes with mounting screws for attachment.The replacement Michael Nesmith Driver Figure is only available at Uncle Al’s Toys!
  • Another fine Sears Exclusive toy is 'The Turnpike Line' Racer, Indy 500 style open wheel car with friction powered motor and with 'built in manual jacks'. This large tin car is in very nice played with condition. The manual jack feature works fine as does the friction power. The only items missing from the original offering are the two spare tires, the driver and the box.
  • A complete 4 piece replacement Micky Dolenz Drummer Figure for the large scale battery operated Pontiac GTO Monkee Mobile manufactured by Aoshin ASC. The Micky Dolenz figure is molded in four pieces, just like the original.You will receive a figure with the body and arms molded in ORANGE with a head molded in FLESH TONE, just like the original. All paint details such as hair, hands and shirt will be added to complete the figure to look as original. The mounting screws are also included. The replacement Mickey Dolenz Drummer Figure is only available at Uncle Al's Toys!(Please Note: STICKS ARE AVAILABLE BUT NOT INCLUDED - SHOWN FOR CLARITY ONLY.)
  • Alps Lincoln Futura Metal Steering Wheel

    Alps Lincoln Futura Metal Steering Wheel is an exact fitting replica of the original toy steering wheel. This part will fit all variations of the Alps Futura cars; friction, battery operated, and remote control. The replacement wheel mounts to the toy using the same tab/slot configuration and is easy to install. Also available for this toy are the rubber tires and the spring shaft deck antenna.The Alps Futura concept car is a stunning creation that is still popular today. Alps did a magnificent job of recreating this fine automobile in the tin.
  • Masudaya 'Queen Of The Sea' battery operated ocean liner in excellent working original condition. The Queen requires 3 'D' cell batteries for operation and features Bump N Go action, loud ships horn, red and green flashing lights and spinning radar antenna. The antenna and metal ship's flag are Uncle Al's reproductions. There is some very minor rust damage near the battery compartment but not inside. Awesome toy nearly 24" long.
  • Very nice Schylling Collectors Series  Thunder Robot in his original box is ready for action! This beautiful RED Thunder Robot is highly sought after. Batteries have been installed and the toy was hand tested for function and then promptly returned to the original packaging.Thunder Robot walks across the Earth with his antenna spinning and raises his gun arms to fire his lasers. He works great and looks even greater when functioning! The red color is rare and highly desirable. It looks fantastic in the box, on your shelf or in you collectibles cabinet! Very impressive to see in full operation!
  • Dan Dare SS Eagle Spaceship CanopyDan Dare SS Eagle Spaceship Canopy for the tin friction rocket from Mettoy of Great Britton. This replacement canopy is an exact copy of an original toy part and is produced in amber tint. The canopy is a removable toy part that allows for flint sparking replacement. This new part contains all of the original flaws of the master part and looks tremendous! Uncle Al is the only toy specialist making this part in amber tint to match the original! Just snap it on and you're good to go.

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