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July 1, 2022


  • This little red wagon customizing kit is a great model from the 1960's. You have the option to build three basic versions: the Little Red Wagon, a stock A-100 Dodge truck, and a drag strip push car. The never assembled kit is complete with original directions and decal sheet but there are loose pieces off the trees.This molded red plastic Dodge includes workable steering, opening doors and tailgate. It also includes parts for stock version including 273 cubic inch V-8 engine, 426” Hemi-engine, and Goodyear 11” slicks. The kit is in excellent condition. The box is in fair condition. A rare find. Model Kit No.: 107-200
  • New in the box. This miniature collectible is an exact replica of a 1950'S Bullet Car. It measures approximately 6-3/4” long and has rotating wheels and authentic detailing. This collectible is number 06612 of a 15,000 piece edition and includes a certificate of authenticity.Release date: 1998
  • Buy Toy Mill - MAC Dutch Mill Tin Sand 1920 Vintage Toy

    From the early 1900's we present this offering from the McDowell Toy Company of Pittsburgh, the #26 "MAC" Dutch Mill tin sand toy in very loved and played with condition. The toy originally came with a small tin tray for catching the sand and a small cloth bag to put the sand in. Sand deposited into the hopper at the top of the toy pours over internal paddles which turn the windmill blades and sets the little operating man on the back of the toy into action, making it appear he is turning the blades. The lithography appears on all sides of the toy. It is pure art and very indicative of the quality of early American toys. The toy has one broken tab supporting the hopper but it can easily be fixed. This beautiful shelf piece would look awesome displayed with books and/or other antiques.
  • For sale is this beautiful, all original and working condition Star Strider Robot manufactured by Horikawa of Japan. The toy comes with the original box and inserts and was produced in the early 1980's. There have been many reproductions of this style robot but the quality of their plastic gears is their downfall. This first issue toy features brass drive gears for long lasting play time, provided you use two new 'D' cell batteries. A beautiful toy and an excellent addition to your space or robot collection, Star Strider is sure to please!
  • High-quality replacment feder light part made from cast metal for the Tippco 1930's Mercedes Fuhrerwagen Staff Car.
  • Tippco Mercedes Fuhrerwagen Staff Car with our Replacement Exhaust Header. This premium quality reproduction is specifically crafted to match the original exhaust header of the iconic 1930s Tippco model, ensuring a seamless integration and perfect fit.
  • The rare, Sensco  'TV Space Patrol Car' modeled after the famous Cadillac XP-74 concept car. Uncle Al's offers a beautiful replacement blue tinted canopy as well as the almost always missing  baby blue bumperette cones. Only found here!
  • Replacement Steering Wheel for Urbana Mfg. CROSBY Electric Towmotor Forklift Salesman Sample
  • A replacement contact set for the Nomura Radar Robot Battery Box. The contact set includes the new brass contacts and mounting boards as shown. The Nomura Radar Robot face controller is not included. If your controller is still in good condition but the contacts are either broken or damaged from leaking batteries, this is your cure! These are made from the same materials and thicknesses as the originals and are guaranteed to be a perfect fit. No one else makes these and Uncle Al can re-create contacts and mounting boards for ANY vintage battery toy!
  • This is a set of SIX wooden bullets for the 1950's Marx Rex Mars Planet Patrol Space Target Game. These painted gold wooden bullets are made exactly like the originals and will fire out of your toy if you desire to do so. The bullets are perfect to complete your vintage toy.
  • Only available through Uncle Al's Toys is the 100% complete and brand new remote control for the Marx Hi-Bouncer Moon Scout Robot toy. All parts are created exactly like the original and these are made to order and take about 2 weeks to complete. Please note that my pictures show my replacement in a different color than the original light blue. This is only to show you that this is for real! Your remote will be molded in the same light blue as original and orientation of colored control buttons will also be the same as original. As far as I know, Hi- Bouncer is the only toy to ever use this style remote, making it an absolute must have to complete your robot to original condition. Just add your own wire and you're ready to go!
  • Here we have a replacement windows for the battery-operated Horikawa Space Station. The replacement windows are vacuum formed of the same thickness clear plastic as the originals for a perfect fit.

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