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July 1, 2022


  • Replacement Steering Wheel for Urbana Mfg. CROSBY Electric Towmotor Forklift Salesman Sample
  • A replacement contact set for the Nomura Radar Robot Battery Box. The contact set includes the new brass contacts and mounting boards as shown. The Nomura Radar Robot face controller is not included. If your controller is still in good condition but the contacts are either broken or damaged from leaking batteries, this is your cure! These are made from the same materials and thicknesses as the originals and are guaranteed to be a perfect fit. No one else makes these and Uncle Al can re-create contacts and mounting boards for ANY vintage battery toy!
  • This is a set of SIX wooden bullets for the 1950's Marx Rex Mars Planet Patrol Space Target Game. These painted gold wooden bullets are made exactly like the originals and will fire out of your toy if you desire to do so. The bullets are perfect to complete your vintage toy.
  • Only available through Uncle Al's Toys is the 100% complete and brand new remote control for the Marx Hi-Bouncer Moon Scout Robot toy. All parts are created exactly like the original and these are made to order and take about 2 weeks to complete. Please note that my pictures show my replacement in a different color than the original light blue. This is only to show you that this is for real! Your remote will be molded in the same light blue as original and orientation of colored control buttons will also be the same as original. As far as I know, Hi- Bouncer is the only toy to ever use this style remote, making it an absolute must have to complete your robot to original condition. Just add your own wire and you're ready to go!
  • Here we have a replacement windows for the battery-operated Horikawa Space Station. The replacement windows are vacuum formed of the same thickness clear plastic as the originals for a perfect fit.
  • Horikawa Space Station Replica Tin Antenna Tower. Made exactly like the original, this tin tower will fit perfectly should your Space Station be lacking. My tower also comes with the drive wheel and shaft for the large plastic antenna dish. (sold separately) This tower is used on both the red and blue versions of this toy.
  • Horikawa Space Station Replica Antenna Dish and Mast in Red or Silver GrayNew from Uncle Al's Toys! Horikawa Space Station replica Antenna Dish and Mast in Red or Silver Gray. Made exactly like the original this antenna dish and mast will fit perfectly should your Space Station be lacking. My tower (sold separately)also comes with the drive wheel and shaft. These dishes are used on both the red and blue versions of this toy.
  • A hood ornament replica for the Bandai Lincoln Convertible/Coupe.  The replica is cast from an original ornament and fits exactly like the original installation. These are in stock and ready to go.*PLEASE NOTE* You may have to disassemble the toy in order to install this part, depending on whether or not the original emblem was pulled completely out or snapped off. If a piece is still showing on the top of the radiator shell, you can carefully trim the emblem base with an Exacto knife and push the remainder of the shaft through the hole. The new ornament can be glued in place rather than opening the toy.
  • This is a complete set (4PCS), two guitars and two drumsticks for the 1960's Aoshin ASC Monkee Mobile battery operated car. The original parts are so often broken or missing from this toy. These are cast replacements from a mold taken from original components and are a perfect fit. I also have replacement arms, bodies, heads, engine and scoop, voice box buttons and hubcaps for this toy with pictures and pricing to come.
  • Available ONLY through Uncle Al's Toys is this ALL TIN replica robot driver head for the rare 'Y' Company Space Patrol Car. This head was created from photographs of the auction car from the Griffith's Auction of 2000. Only two tabs held the original head to the toy, which is probably why so many heads were lost. Also available for this car are replacement hub caps and tinted windshield!
  • Large 20" long 1962 Chevrolet Corvette remote control car with opening doors, working headlights, tail lights and FM radio and custom automotive paint finish in true GM colors, Tuxedo Black, Fawn Beige, Roman Red, Ermine White, Almond Beige, Sateen Silver, Honduras Maroon. The car moves forward and reverse, left and right steering and the lights and radio operate from micro switches on the console. I've placed the car next to a Pocher Fiat so that you can get an idea of it's size. Loads of fun and pretty too!1962 Corvette
  • Tamiya Honda CB 750 FOUR motorcycle 1/6 scale, kit #BS 0601*1998. This kit is 100% complete unbuilt/unstarted and has been fully inventoried by me. A giant model containing many metal, rubber and plastic parts with tremendous, large scale detail and authentic working details. A MUST for Honda and classic bike collectors!

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