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Welcome to Uncle Al’s Toys, where the magic of yesteryear comes alive through our remarkable collection of antique and vintage toys. As passionate collectors ourselves, we understand the thrill of uncovering rare treasures that evoke cherished memories and ignite the imagination. From the exhilarating speed of RC toys to the whimsical charm of battery-operated wonders, our extensive range encompasses a captivating array of space-themed marvels, classic car beauties, and so much more.

Each toy we offer is a testament to the rich history of play, meticulously curated to bring joy and nostalgia to collectors of all ages. Step into our virtual wonderland and embark on a journey through time as you explore the enchanting world of antique and vintage toys at Uncle Al’s. If you love collecting toys just like us, then here we bring you the top 5 antique toys that can add spark to your existing toy collection. So, stay tuned!

Top 5 Antique Toys to Add to Your Collection

Are you looking for antique toys with timeless allure? If so, then it’s time to have a look at Uncle Al’s Toys’ top five coveted treasures (Top 5 Antique Toys). Immerse yourself in nostalgia as you marvel at the graceful beauty of a meticulously restored vintage carousel. Each of these exceptional antique toys at Uncle Al’s Toys tells a story, evoking memories and igniting the joy of childhood. Add these treasured gems to your collection and experience the magic of bygone eras come to life.


  1. Dino Roar Toy Fisher Price Triceratops Puffalump Stuffed Toy: Introducing the delightful 1999 Fisher-Price Dino-roarrr TRICERATOPS, a mint-condition, carded dinosaur toy that is sure to captivate both children and collectors alike. This charming toy is a modern rendition of the beloved Fisher-Price ‘Puffalump’ dinosaur, boasting a soft and squeezable body that’s perfect for little hands. Whether you’re a collector seeking a fabulous addition to your repertoire or a parent yearning to bestow your little ones with cherished vintage gifts, this incredible toy is a must-have. To order online or to learn more about the Dino Roar Toy, please click here.


  1. 1960’s Marx Bristol 188 XF-926 Jet Aeroplane: Behold the remarkable 1960’s Marx Bristol 188 XF926 Jet Aeroplane, a pristine battery-operated toy that remains in excellent working condition. This captivating vintage piece hails from Japan and faithfully replicates the experimental aircraft crafted by the esteemed Bristol Aircraft Company in the 1950s. A true gem among the esteemed collection of Marx battery-operated fighting jets, this Bristol 188 XF926 Jet Aeroplane showcases unparalleled craftsmanship and preserved quality. To order online or to learn more about Marx Bristol Aeroplane, please click here.


  1. Revell Tranquility Base Apollo 11 Lunar Module Model Kit 1/48 Scale: Embark on a journey to the moon with the Revell Tranquility Base Apollo 11 Lunar Module Model Kit, presented in pristine, unbuilt condition. This remarkable model kit offers the opportunity to recreate the iconic Lunar Module from the historic Apollo 11 mission. Whether you’re a passionate collector or an aspiring builder, the Revell Tranquility Base Apollo 11 Lunar Module Model Kit is a must-have addition to your collection. To order online or to learn more about Lunar Module Model, please click here.


  1. Custom Robot Super Cycle: Introducing the extraordinary Custom Robot Super Cycle, a brand-new creation exclusively manufactured by Uncle Al’s Toys. Inspired by the vintage tin Bandai Super Cycle, this custom toy showcases captivating color stylings reminiscent of its iconic predecessor. The Robot Super Cycle boasts a die-cast metal frame adorned with rubber tires, accompanied by a tin, seated robot companion. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, each cycle and robot is embellished with lacquer paints, colored rhinestones, and even features a functional compass. To order online or to learn more about Custom Robot Super Cycle, please click here.


  1. 1950s Battery Operated Dozer Crane, SKK Japan: Experience the nostalgic joy of the battery-operated, remote-control Crane toy, skillfully crafted in Japan by SKK Toy. Notably, SKK Toy later joined forces with Bandai Toys to produce some of the era’s most intricately detailed and mechanically diverse toys. This particular gem features seamless forward and reverse motion, accompanied by a lifelike lifting action performed by the crane. Control the direction with ease using the corded remote, allowing for precise steering. To order online or to learn more about Battery Operated Dozer Crane, please click here.

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Indulge your passion for vintage treasures and embark on a captivating journey through time at Uncle Al’s Toys Shop. Step into a realm where nostalgia reigns supreme as you explore our extensive collection of amazing antique toys. From charming wind-up tin toys to intricately crafted mechanical wonders, our hand-picked selection is a playground for collectors seeking unique pieces that whisper stories of the past.


With a visit to our online store, you’ll discover a world where classic cars, elegant dolls, whimsical trains, and mesmerizing action figures await your eager gaze. Each item is lovingly curated to ensure exceptional quality and authenticity, making it a true delight for toy enthusiasts and history aficionados alike. Unleash your imagination, relive cherished memories, and uncover extraordinary treasures that will forever ignite your sense of wonder.


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