Toy Restoration – Get Your Antique and Vintage Toys Repaired & Restored

We understand how painful it is to see your favorite toys getting damaged or broken. You have been playing with those toys all your childhood, have amazing memories with those toys, and then certainly when it gets damaged, you feel pretty lonely and broken. If the same is the case with you – if your favorite toy is damaged, broken, or missing a part, and requires professional toy repair and restoration services then help is just a call away. Call Al and Tina at (630) 254-1458 for toy restoration.


Uncle Al’s Toys shop is one of the oldest, most reputable, and trusted online toy shops in the US. Here you will find an amazing collection of vintage and antique toys at affordable prices. Additionally, vintage and antique toys offered at Uncle Al’s Toys are in excellent condition and come with quality assurance. At Uncle Al’s Toy shop, you will not only find the best vintage and antique toys, but you can also get your old and damaged toys repaired and restored at unbelievable prices. Al and Tina love toys, and they hold expertise in toy restoration.

Toy Restoration

There are very few toy stores nearby that offer toy restoration services. As a result, you have to either throw away your favorite toys, store them somewhere, or donate them (unwillingly). But that’s not the case anymore. If you are having any vintage toys, antique toys, toy car restoration, battery-operated toys, remote control toys, or any other toys that are damaged, then you can get them repaired at Uncle Al’s Toys Shop.

Also, if any of your toys is missing a part, then also you can contact Uncle Al’s Toys shop for custom part manufacturing. In short, Uncle Al’s Toys shop is not only one of the best toys stores online, but also a destination where you can get your toys repaired and restored at an affordable price. We are committed to bringing back your toys to their original state.

Antique Toy Restoration

Uncle Al’s Toy Shop specializes in the repair and restoration of antique and vintage toys. We are a one-stop repair shop for antique toys of any category and pride ourselves on restoring toys to their original charm and condition for toy collectors and toy enthusiasts across the US.

We have years of experience in Toy Restoration – We can remove stains, remove ink, tape, and water stains, and repair tears, and missing parts. It has been more than two decades since we have been into toy repair and restoration services. Our toy repair and restoration techniques are borrowed from specialized craftsmen and today’s latest technology, providing you with premium quality antique toy restorations at affordable prices.

If you are having antique toys that are damaged, broken, or missing a part, then feel free to contact us today. We hold expertise in repairing:

  • Mechanism issues
  • Battery issues
  • Windup issues
  • Touch-ups
  • Missing parts
  • Complete restoration
  • More…

Uncle Al’s Toy Shop can repair or restore your old antique toys. So, get a quote from us today. If you are interested in learning more about our toy repair and restoration services, then please click here.

Toy Restoration is Just a Call Away – Dial (630)-254-1458

Days are gone when you have to stay broken-hearted and upset because of broken or damaged toys. Now, if your toy is damaged or you already have a toy that needs to be repaired and restored to its original state, then Al and Tina are just a call away. Call (630)-254-1458, and get your toy repaired, restored, and delivered back to you at the earliest.

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