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Unique and rare antique toys and vintage toys are hard to find these days. There are very few online toy stores in the United States (US) where you will find a good collection of antique and vintage toys. However, there are still some online toy stores like Uncle Al’s Toys shop that still preserve the legacy with pride. If you are a toy collector or are looking for rare antique and vintage toys to decorate your house or office, then Uncle Al’s Toys shop is the best option. To have a look at the antique toy collection and vintage toy collection, please click here.

Want to be a Vintage and Antique Toy Collector? Follow These Tips

Collecting antique and vintage toys is a unique hobby. This hobby helps you bring invaluable toys with unique stories to your possession. However, if you are not a pro toy collector but want to get started with collecting toys, then below are 3 toy collecting tips to follow by experts:

1] The Kinds of Antique and Vintage Toys You Want to Collect:

As you might be aware, there are many different types of vintage and antique toys offered in the market such as Action figures, Animals, Remote Control Toys, Diecast Toys, Construction toys, and Model Kits to name a few. Therefore, when you are starting to collect toys, make sure of the type of toys you want in your collection. You can have all of them, but if you are more obsessed with RC toys or Action Figure Toys, then emphasize more on finding these toys online and offline. If you’re stuck for ideas, try starting with something you already love or at least have some interest in. For vintage and antique toy collections, you can also visit Uncle Al’s Toys Shop, Illinois.

2] How Much Budget Can You Spend?

Well, when you are going out to buy vintage toys and antique toys as a part of your collection, make sure you are not breaking your monthly budget. Sometimes buying vintage toys such as vintage dolls, diecast collectibles, and other antique toys can be an expensive ordeal. Therefore, when you are buying a toy, look for good quality craftsmanship, and make sure you are not overpaying for that respective toy.  If there are removable parts to the toy, check that they are original or that replacement parts on the toy have been disclosed. Inspect everything as carefully as possible before you buy, or else you have spent on toy restoration and repair services as well.  As the expense of the toy grows, it becomes much more important to buy from a source you can trust!

3] Where to find the Best Antique Toy Collection and Vintage Toy Collection?

When you are new to collecting antique and vintage toys, you’ll start learning more and more about where to find the best toy collection. There are many online toy stores where you can find some of the most amazing antique and vintage toys with great deals. However, when you are visiting an online store, try to contact the seller and ask questions before making any purchase online to avoid any kind of fraud and to learn more about the toy that you are planning to buy. Uncle Al’s Toys Shop is one of the most trusted, reliable, and reputable places where you will find the best antique toys and vintage toy collections at unbelievable prices. Moreover, you can also get your old toys repaired and restored here.

So, above are the toy collection tips every new collector needs to know. For more useful tips you can also contact us at or call us at 630-254-1458 (Illinois).

Best Antique and Vintage Toy Collection

In the age of the internet, where most kids prefer playing games on smartphones or video gaming consoles like PlayStation, vintage and antique toys are getting ignored. Moreover, modern, and innovative toys are adding fuel to fire – making people forget the importance of vintage and antique toys gradually. However, if you are a toy collector or one looking for vintage and antique toys online, then it’s time to visit Uncle Al’s Toys Shop today.

At Uncle Al’s Toys Shop, you will find different categories of vintage and antique toys such as:



If you are a big fan of vintage and antique toy collections and are scouring garage sales and flea markets nearby for anything over a hundred years old, then it’s time you visit Uncle Al’s Online Toys Shop at least once.  Uncle Al’s Toys Shop features some of the best old toys and antique toys for sale in the world. Buy toys for boys, toys for girls, as well as toys for toy collectors. At Uncle Al’s Toys Shop, our effort is to bring outstanding antique toy collection and vintage toy collections to the market and maintain a healthy relationship with buyers and toy dealers from around the world.


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