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Looking for Other Toys & Antiques Online? At Uncle Al’s vintage toy shop, you’ll find a huge collection of the best Other Toys & Antiques & parts to repair them.

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  • 1990's Vintage Mask Illusions Hand Critters Boxer Dog Puppet with the original tag. Made from latex rubber.
  • TPS Climbing Linesman

    $675.00 IL Sales Tax 8%
    The TPS Climbing Linesman is rare and all tin with cloth pants. A battery-operated toy, the lineman climbs the pole. He works wonderfully and would be a very nice addition to your tin toy collection.
  • This is The Old Timer wind-up 24-hour clock novelty from Poynter Products. It is rare and comes complete with winding key, pendulum and box.
  • A 1960's Humble Oil Pump & Derrick toy manufactured by Escon for toy distributor Melvin G. Miller and given as a gift to Humble Oil Refining Co. customers. It is a battery-operated working replica of an oil pump rig and derrick in fully working condition. The battery covers came in two colors, white and red. This toy has an original battery cover that has yellowed over time.
  • A Lehmann Brandenburg Dancing Sailor wind-up tin toy in good, fully working condition. Made in Germany between 1904 and 1948 with a dark blue ribbon representing the vessel Columbia. There is some tattering of the cloth, expected on a toy of this age.
  • Kyodo Press Co. KDP Tom and Dick Metal Rail Road Key Wind Hand Car toy. Works well and very whimsical!
  • The BIG CHIEF DELUXE bicycle light is hand painted in brilliant, vibrant multicolor. The 308 stainless steel mounting stem needs no extra care and secures easily to the bicycle's axel utilizing the wheel mounting nut, front or rear. The light has a 36" wire lead that attaches to a 'positive' battery lead and the mounting stem acts as the system ground.The lights to attach to both original tank bike lighting or dynamo light systems. Future editions of light pairs will be available as LED wireless installation. Coming soon, Uncle Al's Toys will introduce another version of the Big Chief light for your fender.
  • A wonderful, 1999 Fisher-Price Dino-roarrr TYRANNOSAURUS REX, mint carded toy. It is a newer version of the popular Fisher Price 'Puffalump' dinosaur. Dino-roars have a soft, squeezable body and makes a high shrill noise that slowly descends into a cooing, 'Aaah' sound. A fun and appealing toy for small children.This vivid orange Dino-roarrr was purchased brand new in 1999 and was kept in sealed stored condition. When squeezed, he opens his mouth and out comes the sound of a very content Dino-roarrr! Also available is an equally fun Triceratops in vivid PURPLE color. These toys are fabulous for collectors or for those parents who want to give their little ones cherished vintage gifts. Very few left in this condition that aren't already in private collections.
  • Add a splash of color to your bike with the new BIG CHIEF bicycle accessory light set!The 308 stainless steel mounting stem needs no extra care and secures easily to the bicycle/s axel utilizing the wheel mounting nut, front or rear. The light has a 36” wire lead that attaches to a 'positive' battery lead and the mounting stem acts as the system ground. These units attach to original tank bike lights or dynamo light systems. Future editions will be available as LED wireless installation.The Big Chief bike light is available in red or blue with more colors to be added soon. It is currently sold in pairs with FREE SHIPPING (lower 48 only).Made in the USA!
  • This is an extremely nice, 100% all original J. Chein Mechanical Roller Coaster #275 wind up toy. This toy came from a private collection of the original purchaser and features two beautiful original roller coaster cars, The winding mechanism is tight and strong though the drive belt has stretched over the years.This toy features brilliant lithography both inside and outside of the toy. There is little to no fading of the original colors. A truly wonderful piece that has excellent display and collectible qualities, not to mention that it is still fun to play with!
  • Marx Pete the Parrot

    $575.00 IL Sales Tax 8%
    Marx Pete the ParrotThis Marx Pete the talking Parrot toy from the 1960's comes to you in nearly flawless, mint condition with the original box, hang tag and instruction sheet. This awesome battery operated toy requires 3 D cell batteries and one 9 volt battery for the talking feature.This is one of the first battery operated toys to feature the use of transistors for operation. The voice recording mechanism utilizes the 9 volt battery. Pressing one of the buttons on the base allows you to record a special message. After recording is completed, pressing the button again plays back your message and actuates Pete's beak, eyes and head movement to imply Pete speaking with your voice.These toys are almost never seen in this virtually unplayed with condition. The original box lid has a bit of damage and the missing pieces of the front are included should you wish to have the box repaired. This is a beautiful and outstanding collectible toy.
  • Metaluna Mutant Mask by Don Post

    $750.00 IL Sales Tax 8%
    This is the Metaluna Mutant from the movie 'This Island Earth' back in the 1950's, I believe. This is a latex mask, very heavy (just under 10 pounds) and is approximately 20" tall. I believe this is the first version since 2000 and is increasingly more difficult to find.

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