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  • An extremely rare, in this condition, 1960s B & B Traffic Signal Bar Lamp, new in the box. The lamp is approximately 19" tall and has 3 light settings. Quality construction with corded electrical and a knob switch on the front to operate. A great novelty piece for your home bar or as a party decoration.This item has been in my personal collection for many years. I searched to find this perfectly mint, unused and unopened relic for a long time. You don't find these better than this! Bagged with crisp, original plating, this beauty is ready for display in OR out of the box. This has only been out for these pictures. Enjoy! 
  • Very RARE, Carolina Best 'Space Walking Dogs' counter card display from the late 1960's. This counter display has all 24 originally bagged and stapled ramp walker dogs still hanging in place after nearly 50 years and looks incredible in your man cave, woman cave, home or office. Only one very unique color dog stands out from all the others . . . just amazing! I loved this item when I first discovered it. Brought back MANY fond childhood memories! How many of you remember that Lays Potato Chips put these Space Walking Dogs in their bags of chips as a promo give away?? Gosh I'm old . . . but never too old to play!
  • This is a RARE, Full House Productions (2011) Jack in the BoXXX. As you turn the crank, the melody XXX plays until the jester pops up with a 1 finger salute. A very naughty and impossible to find gift! I believe this was a very short-lived company, as there is no current information regarding their current status or other products offered, making this a truly unique item. Risque humor very reminiscent of the Poynter Products Novelty Company.
  • Sears Big Toy Box Steel Guitar. The 26" guitar looks like a real electric guitar. The body is made of steel with an attractive sun-burst finish. There are 6 steel strings and metal tuning gears to help keep the strings tuned and ready to play.Comes with the original pick and instruction booklet. This would make an excellent gift for a guitar enthusiast or as an introductory teaching toy for a youngster showing enthusiasm and interest in music.
  • Speakeasy Risqué Metal Ashtray 2-Sided Art Nouveau. New in original plain box. A 1920s style, polished aluminum ashtray measures about 3.5” x 5.75”. A great collectible most likely made in the Prohibition Era. Selling AS IS since the age is unknown, but assuming during the 1950's. There are many versions of this novelty available in different metals, ceramics and Bakelite. I acquired this particular item from the Pomona, California Hot Rod Swap Meet in the early 1980's.
  • A vintage Pango Pango African Dancer Mechanical Windup Toy with a reproduction box. Bright tin litho toy in excellent working condition. Made in Japan by T.P.S..
  • TN Nomura Firefly Bug No. 4634 magic action battery operated toy with bump and go action. Slide the switch to the "On" position and watch the firefly move around with the tail light blinking and the clear, tinted wings flapping. Firefly requires one 'D' cell battery inserted into the base.Firefly Bug comes with the original box in fair condition. The toy has beautiful lithography and colors and is in excellent working condition. Please watch our YouTube video to see Firefly in action!
  • Unique item from the 1970's is this fun and functional 'The Picker' novelty guitar transistor radio in original styro packaging with name plate.
  • Dimestore Dreams Tonette No. 30600 mint in the box. Includes instruction booklet with 50 tunes. This item is new and unused.
  • Vintage Marx Battery Op Lighted Gas Pump Island in excellent original, working condition.
  • Warner Bros, Scooby Doo Vampire Plush is 23" tall and a great decoration for Halloween. He is brand new with tags.
  • 'Candy Vending Machine' battery operated saving bank from Wonderful Toy Company, 1950's. This RARE and highly collectible tin battery op is in excellent WORKING condition. It operates on two 'D' cell batteries. The toy has miscellaneous scratches and scuffs, mostly from the removable top tin cover. Originally designed for use with hard candies or peanuts, I recommend small 3/8 diameter wooden or plastic beads. When the cover is removed, insert the beads into the funnel. When a coin (nickels work best) is inserted into the slot, the inside of the toy lights up, Mr. Vendor cranks his handle and rotates the open top drum. As the drum opening passes under the funnel, a couple bead 'candies' fall into the drum and are dispensed through the chute at the front of the toy and the light goes out.This is an awesomely cool and not often seen toy that will be the highlight of your battery-operated toy collection - sure to please! This toy has a rarity scale number of 9 (10 being rarest) and had a book value of $1200.00 (in mint condition) in 1994. This is an extremely fragile toy. The plastic candy funnel will be removed for shipping and the cavity will be filled with styro peanuts to keep the vendor well supported for travel.

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