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Replica Toy Parts

  • This listing is for a replica tin flag for the Masudaya 'Queen of the Sea' battery operated tin ocean liner. This tin flag is a nearly exact replica of the original, almost always missing tin flag that fits to the rear of the ocean liner. A shoulder is machined onto the shaft so the flag sits and fits at the appropriate height.  Other parts are available for this toy such as the light blue radar antenna and the set of two clear dome light bulb covers. This great toy from the 1950's is such a nice, LARGE toy but many times nowadays when you find an example of this toy, it's missing some of these key, impossible to find pieces. Look no further, they're here at Uncle Al's!
  • Reproduction Sonic Whistle for the Sonic Car Dodge Charger. Movement and direction are performed by blowing the whistle. With each blow of the sonic whistle, the dodge charger will move forward, in reverse, make left or right turns, or propel the machine guns out of the roof of the car with bright flashing muzzle fire. Guaranteed to perform just like the original sonic whistle!The pictures of the clear blue whistle were taken to show the detail more clearly. Whistle colors may vary.
  • A vintage Taiyo Japan Blink-A-Gear Robot in a very nice replica box. This very large (15" tall) battery operated robot has wonderful moving action. He walks and swings his arms, has lighted moving eyes and visible spinning chest gears. He operates on two'D' cell batteries and is in extremely nice working condition. This is a very nice, RARE and LARGE robot for your collection and a perfect mate to the RARE Wheel-A-Gear Robot! 
  • New in the box. This miniature collectible is an exact replica of a 1950'S Bullet Car. It measures approximately 6-3/4” long and has rotating wheels and authentic detailing. This collectible is number 06612 of a 15,000 piece edition and includes a certificate of authenticity.Release date: 1998

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