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Replica Toy Parts

  • Made exactly like the original, this tin tower will fit perfectly should your Space Station be lacking. My tower also comes with the drive wheel and shaft for the large plastic antenna dish. (sold separately) This tower is used on both the red and blue versions of this toy.
  • Ichiko Space Patrol Car Astronaut Driver Head - This is a replacement replica tin head for the Ichiko Space Patrol Car. I fabricated my first one of these from pictures of the original. They are comprised of four pieces, front and rear of the helmet, inside face and outer earmuffs and strap. I have since acquired an original head and have created new tooling so that my replacement head is now near perfect! I also replicate the windshields and frames for this toy which run $175.00. These take about 4 weeks to complete from the time of order.
  • Kanto Battery Operated Space Patrol - Replica Tower and Radar Dish, available ONLY through Uncle Al! - You won't find a more accurate, perfect fitting replica tower anywhere else. An outstanding original was borrowed for reference in the dimensioning, fit and color of this replica and it installs just as the original - an easy installation that you can do yourself with my instructions.The Kanto Space Patrol vehicle is one of the most highly sought after space toy collectibles and many times is missing this critical detail part. My re-creation is made exactly like the original 10 piece part. It comes painted in the correct colors and installs in minutes.This part is hand made to order, so please allow a minimum of two weeks for assembly prior to shipping. Another fine part available nowhere else!
  • A vintage Taiyo Japan Blink-A-Gear Robot in a very nice replica box. This very large (15" tall) battery operated robot has wonderful moving action. He walks and swings his arms, has lighted moving eyes and visible spinning chest gears. He operates on two'D' cell batteries and is in extremely nice working condition. This is a very nice, RARE and LARGE robot for your collection and a perfect mate to the RARE Wheel-A-Gear Robot! 

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