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Vintage Collectible Toys

  • Absolutely dead MINT 1950's Marx 30" Chris Craft Constellation Motor Yacht. This very collectible kit is 100% complete and comes with the highly sought after 'Bathing Beauties' (two figures) and the seated ship's captain in the original Marx paper bag.
  • Marx Pete the ParrotThis Marx Pete the talking Parrot toy from the 1960's comes to you in nearly flawless, mint condition with the original box, hang tag and instruction sheet. This awesome battery-operated toy requires 3 D cell batteries and one 9 volt battery for the talking feature.This is one of the first battery operated toys to feature the use of transistors for operation. The voice recording mechanism utilizes the 9 volt battery. Pressing one of the buttons on the base allows you to record a special message. After the recording is completed, pressing the button again plays back your message and actuates Pete's beak, eyes and head movement to imply Pete speaking with your voice.These toys are almost never seen in this virtually unplayed with condition. The original box lid has a bit of damage and the missing pieces of the front are included should you wish to have the box repaired. This is a beautiful and outstanding collectible toy.
  • Absolutely stunning 1950's Marx Wells Fargo / Concord Stage Coach model kit in pristine, 100% completely MINT condition. This is an extremely rare kit with fabulous box art and tremendous detail. If you are familiar with the newer Lindberg versions of this same stage coach kit, you know how large and impressive the final display is. Comes complete with four horse team, all of the necessary tack and chain material as well as five scale figures (approx. 4 1/2" tall on average) The kit, when assembled is over 24" long.
  • This is a rare Walt Disney World, Epcot Mission Space X-2 Experimental Exploration Spacecraft battery-operated toy that was only available at the theme park gift shop many years ago, and the toy is no longer produced. There are three buttons on the back of the toy that make sound as well as flashing red LED lights in the engines and leading edges of wings and fins. I tried to capture the colors but they are much more vivid in person. An extremely well-made toy that also features an opening cockpit and retractable rolling landing gear. I have a demonstrator to play with and three in their original boxes for sale. These are highly sought after by space toy collectors and Disneyana collectors alike.
  • Monogram Drag Race Set Custom Accessories for big 1/8 scale model cars or for customizing Monograms Big "T" and other large-scale models. Monogram Drag Race Set. Custom Accessories for big, 1/8 scale car models. Complete. This set includes many of the items used to create the Monogram Big Drag, such as the Footprint Gas Pedal and roll bar.
  • Only from Uncle Al's Toys and LIMITED to ONLY FOUR EVER is the UAT SURF WAGON customized version of the Mystery Action Bus ME 083 from China. This great battery operated toy is a 'Bump n Go' action with working headlights and BEEP horn. Uncle Al completely disassembles the toy and repaints in awesome California surfing colors and adds plastic surf boards and custom graphics. Beautifully done, if I do say so myself! Of course, I've made one for myself and another sold at the Fall 2016 Chicago Toy Show in St. Charles, Illinois. That only leaves TWO LEFT so don't hesitate. These come with the original ME 083 Mystery Action Bus boxes and insert.
  • Nomura Friction #7 Racer Japan

    $143.75 IL Sales Tax 8%
    Nomura Friction #7 Racecar.  This beautiful all original toy works perfectly and the litho condition is fabulous.
  • Old Fashioned Double Decker Bus by Modern ToysThe Old Fashioned Double Decker Bus by Modern Toys of Japan is a wonderful, large size battery operated tin bus that is new in its original box. The toy is complete with box inserts. It operates on 2 'D' cell batteries (not included) and features bump n go action. This is a beautiful mint condition toy fresh from my personal collection and is sure to please!The Double Decker Bus is a wonderful example of the standard mode of transportation of the early 20th century. The Double Decker Bus was and still is commonly used for tourism in America as well as Europe.This toy bus has many features such as mystery action, sounding horn and engine sound  and funny shaking action as it rolls on its journey. This marvelous toy has never been out of the box and never seen a battery since the factory. As good as these toys get!
  • Poynter Products Belly Banks are comical characters dressed for purely casual recreation. Each "Weekend Sportsman" comes equipped with an interchangeable golf club, baseball bat, tennis racket and pressure sensitive cola or beer label to apply on can. But he's a bank too! Raise his arm and his tongue comes out. Place a coin on his tongue, and as you lower his arm he swallows the coin. As the money accumulates, his belly grows and grows and grows.
  • Very RARE, Carolina Best 'Space Walking Dogs' counter card display from the late 1960's. This counter display has all 24 originally bagged and stapled ramp walker dogs still hanging in place after nearly 50 years and looks incredible in your man cave, woman cave, home or office. Only one very unique color dog stands out from all the others . . . just amazing! I loved this item when I first discovered it. Brought back MANY fond childhood memories! How many of you remember that Lays Potato Chips put these Space Walking Dogs in their bags of chips as a promo give away?? Gosh I'm old . . . but never too old to play!
  • Sonsco Red Gulch Bar, Western Badman Battery Operated Toy in excellent working condition. The Western Badman, Red Gulch Bar battery operated toy is a great, all-time favorite and prized collectible by vintage battery toy enthusiasts. The toy operates with two 'D' cell batteries inserted into the base.The Red Gulch Bar, aka: Western Badman is from the 1950's and comes with three reproduction bottles and reproduction beer mug. Uncle Al has also re-created the Badman's holster and belt to the dimensions of the original toy!
  • Large 20" long 1962 Chevrolet Corvette remote control car with opening doors, working headlights, tail lights and FM radio and custom automotive paint finish in true GM colors, Tuxedo Black, Fawn Beige, Roman Red, Ermine White, Almond Beige, Sateen Silver, Honduras Maroon. The car moves forward and reverse, left and right steering and the lights and radio operate from micro switches on the console. I've placed the car next to a Pocher Fiat so that you can get an idea of it's size. Loads of fun and pretty too!1962 Corvette
  • Extremely nice and mint in the box is this R-1 Robot 2003 Black Stripe Edition from Rocket USA and made in China. This robot is a large skirted robot that is defined by the black trim pieces that go down each side of the toy. This version is quite a bit harder to find than the subsequent R-1 robots to hit the market, including the 'Rescue Robot'. Very simple battery toy which features Bump n Go action, flashing top light and eyes and clasping hands. R-1 operates on two 'AA' size batteries.This toy comes in its original box with inserts. It was removed for these photographs only.
  • This great replacement canopy for the Schuco Radiant 5600 airplane is casted from an original toy part and snaps right into place for a perfect fit. More parts for this plane are planned for the near future, such as battery doors, switches, propellers and individual engine pods.
  • Another fine Sears Exclusive toy is 'The Turnpike Line' Racer, Indy 500 style open wheel car with friction powered motor and with 'built in manual jacks'. This large tin car is in very nice played with condition. The manual jack feature works fine as does the friction power. The only items missing from the original offering are the two spare tires, the driver and the box.
  • This is an excellent reproduction of the KO, Japan Space Whale Ship by the St. John Co., Marxu International of China. Space Whale Ship is a wind up toy that will open his mouth and tail and fins move during operation along with a 'sparking' action in the rear of the toy. Original versions of this toy sell for hundreds of dollars. There are a few subtle differences to be mindful of when looking at this toy. Original KO Space Whales have blue tinted plastic for the eyes where as the reproduction is clear plastic. Extremely nice job done on the lithography and a great addition to your collection!
  • Tamiya BMW R75 1/6 Scale, kit #BS0605. This is a vintage kit from the late 1970's and issued through Model Rectifier Corporation. This kit is 100% complete unbuilt/unstarted and unopened. A giant model containing many metal, rubber and plastic parts with tremendous, large scale detail and authentic working details. A MUST for BMW and big scale collectors!
  • Tamiya Harley-Davison FLH Classic Black Flash 1/6 Scale, kit #16007. This kit is 100% complete unbuilt/unstarted and unopened. A giant model containing many metal, rubber and plastic parts with tremendous, large scale detail and authentic working details. A MUST for Harley collectors!
  • Tamiya Harley-Davison FLH 1200 POLICE BIKE motorcycle 1/6 Scale, kit #16016. This kit is 100% complete unbuilt/unstarted and unopened. A giant model containing many metal, rubber and plastic parts with tremendous, large scale detail and authentic working details. A MUST for Harley collectors!
  • Tamiya Harley-Davison FLH Classic with Sidecar 1/6 Scale, kit #16018. This kit is 100% complete unbuilt/unstarted and was opened only by me since new. A giant model containing many metal, rubber and plastic parts with tremendous, large scale detail and authentic working details. A MUST for Harley collectors!
  • Tamiya Honda CB 750 FOUR motorcycle 1/6 scale, kit #BS 0601*1998. This kit is 100% complete unbuilt/unstarted and has been fully inventoried by me. A giant model containing many metal, rubber and plastic parts with tremendous, large scale detail and authentic working details. A MUST for Honda and classic bike collectors!
  • Model is 9.25" long. Blue, clear and plated parts. Features detailed body, chassis and interior, hood opens to show the massive 440 c.i. V-8 engine. Uncle Al's favorite dream car, opened and inspected by Uncle and guaranteed complete!
  • The Yonezawa Burger Chef is a very cute battery operated tin toy from 1950's. It came with a hamburger for the frying pan which the Burger Chef would flip over as it was cooking. However this loose accessory was often lost and the toy is usually seen without the hamburger.
  • Yonezawa Champions Racer Replica Box, Agajanian This is a brand new, high grade replica box for the large Champions Racer #98 car or the Agajanian Racer of the same size. A good friend lent me his pristine original box to take dimensions and photograph the image. As you can see, the artwork is flawless and crisp. I added a bit of distress to this example so that it would look more age appropriate to the car. (Car is NOT included and is NOT available for sale at this time. It is shown for clarity and to demonstrate fit inside the new box.) Much attention to detail was employed in the creation of this replica, such as the exact box dimensions, folded seam lines for all panels, the return legs for stapling, the correct image size, border reveal and so much more. The last 4 images are of a straight forward crisp box with now additional detailing or aging. I'll be happy to age and distress upon request. As you can see in my photos, the box looks fabulous when displayed with the Champions Racer.(not included) And because the box fits the car perfectly, it's an excellent bit of protection for moving or storage. Even if you don't have the car, the box is an excellent display piece! Very few original boxes exist and seldom show up for sale. When they do show up, they're almost as costly as the cars themselves. I only have a few of these fine reproductions available so don't hesitate. You won't be disappointed!

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