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  • Without a doubt, one of the RAREST and coolest space toys ever made. 1960's Bandai Sears Radiation Tester Exclusive Area battery operated toy in nice working condition. This toy was available ONLY through Sears and could be found in their 1961 catalog. It operates on two 'D'cell batteries and features Bump N Go action, opening rear bay doors, a smoky fog emits while the radiation tester unfolds and lifts out of the bay. The arm retracts back into the bay and the doors close and the toy is on it's way again. During the entire cycle, the light pods in the rear flash red and green intermittently and are very bright. This early Japanese tin toy is a highly sought after space toy example and is sure to please. As can be seen in the pictures, the toy is in working condition and shows playwear and no paint touch ups. The battery compartment is very clean. This is a sizable toy stretching 21 inches in length, 5 inches wide and nearly 6 inches tall to the top of the antenna. Uncle Al's Toys is the only maker and provider of replacement parts for this toy. Both toys available here have replacement light pods, large antenna and front sight. Also included but not shown is a wonderful, first quality reproduction box, also available nowhere else! A great old vintage battery operated space toy that makes an outstanding functioning shelf piece display. This is not one to miss!
  • A replica cap compartment cover for the 1950's Ideal Atomic Machine Gun. This cap is near perfect and almost a dead ringer for the often missing plug. The fit is tested on my own toy and an original stack of 5 Kilgore Roll Caps (not included) is inserted and then capped. I believe the original cap was a hollow injection molded part and quite flimsy, which is why they're almost always missing. I still resin cast my part but I designed it to be solid with the exterior look of the original. Please ask if you're looking for or need custom parts!
  • Beautiful vintage 1950's Masudaya Japan 'Space Giant' flying saucer battery operated toy in tremendous condition. This large (12") diameter toy requires 3 'D' cell batteries and features Bump n' Go action, eerie whistling sound and flashing alternating lights on the deck as well as tail fins. A very nice, rare collectible space ship!
  • This is a rare Walt Disney World, Epcot Mission Space X-2 Experimental Exploration Spacecraft battery operated toy that was only avaiable at the theme park gift shop many years ago and the toy is no longer produced. There are three buttons on the back of the toy that produce sound as well as flashing red LED lights in the engines and leading edges of wings and fins. I tried to capture the colrs but they are much more vivid in person. An extremely well made toy which also features an opening cockpit and retractable rolling landing gear. I have a demonstrator to play with and three in their original boxes for sale. These are highly sought after by space toy collectors and Disneyanna collectors alike.
  • Extremely nice and mint in the box is this Rescue Robot R-1 from Rocket USA and made in China. This robot first came to my attention years ago when it was featured in a Duracell Battery commercial and I knew right then I had to have one. This version is quite a bit harder to find than the subsequent R-1 robots to hit the market. Very simple battery toy which features Bump n Go action, flashing top light and eyes and clasping hands. R-1 operates on two 'AA' size batteries.
  • This is a 1960's Alps Battery Powered Hot Rod Custom 'T' Ford with 'Overheated Boiling Radiator', mint in the original box with inserts. The toy features Stop and Go action, vibrating action, lighted engine and 'smokey' boiling radiator. Extremely nice piece in excellent original condition.
  • Beautiful Bandai BMW Isetta friction powered vehicle in excellent original condition. Friction motor is sound and firm as new and the toy features a realistic opening front end to enter the vehicle.
  • Masudaya 'Queen Of The Sea' battery operated ocean liner in excellent working original condition. The Queen requires 3 'D' cell batteries for operation and features Bump N Go action, loud ships horn, red and green flashing lights and spinning radar antenna. The antenna and metal ship's flag are Uncle Al's reproductions. There is some very minor rust damage near the battery compartment but not inside. Awesome toy nearly 24" long.
  • Another fine Sears Exclusive toy is 'The Turnpike Line' Racer, Indy 500 style open wheel car with friction powered motor and with 'built in manual jacks'. This large tin car is in very nice played with condition. The manual jack feature works fine as does the friction power. The only items missing from the original offering are the two spare tires, the driver and the box.
  • Beautiful early 1960's Sears Exclusive toy, 15" Indianapolis 500 Racer with built in jacks battery operated toy with the original box and accessories. This is the high light of my race car collection in that this toy is in near perfect, mint original working condition. The toy includes the unused remote steering mechanism that is usually absent but is missing the two spare tires. The box is aged but complete with the inserts. This great toy has forward and reverse driving action with the controlled steering, stops and jacks come out of the car raising it up for pit stop tire changing and flashing cockpit warning light. A truly outstanding piece!
  • Another one of my personal favorites is this fabulous TN/Nomura/Baravelli Sonic Car Dodge Charger in 100% original condition and in the original box with insert foam blocks. The Sonic whistle has never been removed from it's plastic bag. Each blow of the whistle commands the car to perform a different function, forward, reverse, left and right and finally for the machine guns to propel out of the roof of the car with bright flashing muzzle fire! Unique and again, a large 15" long by 6" wide and 5" tall. There is slight oxidation on the brightwork trim of the car but overall is just stunning! Operates on 2 'D' cell and 1 9volt battery.

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